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Average flag colour by latitude [OC] Miles run in 2017 vs New Year's resolution [OC] 14 Defunct Car Brands and How They Failed What Americans Fear the Most. Learn to Read Korean in 15 Minutes Good Design Matters: Here Is Why and How to Do It Right [Infographic] Measurement Units Why Proper Hydration is Important Thought this belongs here Mankind's many space explorations. The hardest languages to learn What to do if ICE shows up at your door 6-Point Checklist for Successful Candidate Sourcing Different cuts of beef and how to cook them Pixar's 22 rules of storytelling 10 Stages Of Mastery Guide to hiking boots The Middle East Friendship Chart - who allies with who etc Natural vs Artificial Peach Fifty facts about the earth Phonetic map of the human mouth Handmade guide to Japanese Katakana stroke order and direction I made for my 6 year old daughter. Most common religious belief after Christianity in London (2015) [OC] How to choose a bottle of wine And this is how gerrymandering works What types of porn can UK citizens watch, and which is now illegal? What could millennials give up to save for a mortgage? Map representing population of each country The Life and Death of Social Networks - Google Trends [OC] The 50 State Capitol Buildings of the United States Illustrated to Scale Jobs of the Honey Bee I tracked my phone usage before and after disabling notifications [OC] The online learning list Something a little different: the sorted colour of the United States [OC] Game Of Thrones Filming Locations According to Airbnb customer service, 3% to 7% of stays turn into a “problem stay” (that’s over 2 million ruined trips per year). Here’s what’s most likely to go wrong on your next stay based on 839 3rd-party online reviews shared by dissatisfied Airbnb customers. [OC] What the writing on tires mean. This has helped me a lot WWI-era British poster showing the differences between British and German aircraft [OC] College Return on Investment Iconic movie character transformations International Women's Day 2013 Eminem Discography Infographic [OC] A cool guide of the car industry The Batcave How hot dogs are prepared in 31 different regions around the US (In honor of National Hot Dog Day)(x-post -r-coolguides) List of common misconceptions and myths European countries ranked by GDP (PPP) per capita: 1997 vs. 2017 [OC] Staircase Terminology hormones!! Types of camera movements Daily charted my weight loss of 100 lbs over 11 months [OC] How to Get Motivated: A Guide for Defeating Procrastination Very useful critical thinking guide Guide to your poop! Data is Beautiful Word Cloud (Jan 2018) [OC] How to eat sushi (etiquette) Ifyou ever want to learn anything... How Common is your Birthday? Quick Chart to The World's Biggest Land, Sea, and Air Vehicles Everything we eat both causes and prevents cancer The account balance of 195 countries around the world Daily Routines of 16 top Olympians Artificial Intelligence - The Next Technological Revolution Suicides in Russia [OC] British Royal wedding dresses throughout modern history What task to use each kind of knife for Data Is Beautiful [OC] Strongest Loop Knot Minimalist infographic. Poisonous vs venomous. Spotting bad science Principles of becoming wealthy. Seasonal cycle of global temperature [OC] beer Mapping Reddit Communities [OC] Arbitrary Retarded Rollercoaster vs Logical Smooth Sailing Motor Vehicle Deaths by State [OC] The Changing American Household [OC] Steeping Tea All versions of OS X and macOS explained This map shows all the ongoing fires in the amazon Trusting News Project Report 2017 [OC] The United States of Elevation [OC] The histomap - 4,000 years of relative power dining etiquette 101 [1500x2616] Connections Between Breweries Large and Small [OC] How New York City's Skyline has changed over the past century Car Dashboard Symbols A study found that on Twitter, the left and right are generally isolated from each other, with retweets rarely leaving each group's bubble. Fountain Pen Nibs 8 Secrets for Mastering Time Management Death Star cutaway [2723×1217]. Guide to electric outlets.. Handy.. How to Remove Stains How my salary of €5.2k per month is used in Bavaria, Germany [OC] How to set a fancy table Architecture of American houses since 1600. watch your grammar Power Structure of Oppression Chart All the ways to f*ck up a chocolate chip cookie... Thorium - infographic [OC] I've secretly been keeping track of my coworkers Diet Coke consumption Game of Thrones IMDb rating per episode (S01 - S06) [OC] Trump tweet density vs Fox & Friends airtime [OC] Flags Of The World. Stories Behind Them A recent conceptualization of the Numerical Simulation of a Bobbing Box [OC] The Cost of Our Baby's Birth (C-Section) in the US [OC] How biased is your news source? You probably won’t agree with this chart Quick lesson in geographic landforms Science Summary for August [OC] Howto Make Hipster Startup Logo Ad Hominem, Red Herring, Straw Man Logical Fallacies and more 25 Years of Urban Growth and Density Change in 66 Global Cities How to Shuffle a Deck of Cards [OC] I asked 80 friends what their favourite colours were In case you ever wanted a comprehensive family tree of all the ancient Greek Titans, gods and goddesses Guide to different protein shakes Periodic Table of the Preidents Dante's Inferno - Map of Hell (x-post from r-europe) USB Types Visualising Ferrari’s 2018 Income Statement [OC] Block distribution of 100 games of Tetris [OC] The % of seats held by women in national parliaments worldwide has been steadily creeping up over the past 20 years. [OC] How likely you are to die from different activities and behaviors Popular Unisex Names Over Time (US 1980-2017) [OC] Guide to different bed sizes Top 1000 Universities, Based on Research Scores [OC] GPU Naming guide How to Set Up a VPN (and Why You Should) 128 words to use instead of Teacher Evaluation-Student Grade Correlation [OC] A guide to the world of sleeping disorders! Japanese Companies Map What are the hardest languages to learn? Web Development | Benefits of Redesigning A Website 2018 financial breakdown of Ecosia, the tree planting web browser [OC] Global carbon footprint How industries use colors to make you think differently Common traditional dwellings of Native American tribes The evolution of European medieval helmets 100 Years of Horror Movies: IMBD frequency & rating [OC] Countries that ISIS plans to fight with The different between various summer fruit desserts The best free software Finding the right words are sometimes the best way to process your own feelings. 18 Types of Video Content for Every Marketing Goal Guide for Facial Expressions The scale of the D-Day allied invasion There Are Two Types of Cats Intel Processor Generations Timeline Asking over 8500 students to pick a random number from 1 to 10 [OC] What's happening in Hong Kong- Anti China Extradition Movement Free essential software for students. The official and ceremonial vehicles of 45 world leaders [OC] 13 months of Tinder usage [23F] Lifespans of the Presidents of the United States (Chronological Order) [OC] Beer vs. Coffee Astrology in Western, Chinese, and Indian (Vedic) Cultures Recipe for a perfect logo The NASA Guide to Air-Filtering Houseplants Best workouts to target certain parts of abs Funding probabilities on Shark Tank, grouped by gender [OC] How long will your house last? How to read Braille Rhythm of American Sports [OC] Smileys used in conversation since I met my gf [OC] The Importance Of Artwork Display In Your Home Unisex first names in the US by gender ratio [OC] As a result of the Kennedy assassination this is what the modern Presidential Motorcade looks like 30 Years On, 'The Simpsons' Isn't Aging Well What Happens in One Minute on the Internet Yogurts of the world. Why is your plant sad? Rice Krispies Treats Color Guide Largest Occupations in the United States [OC] A Guide to the 9 Circles of Hell : Dante's Inferno : Divine Comedy The most convenient airlines in America How many times every song by The Beatles has been covered by other artists, listed by album release [OC] China's totalitarian social credit system explained Ikigai Reducing Bias in Data: Military Spending as related to GDP, Population [OC] Common Sword types Yard Sizes in the United States, Ranked The Meaning of Life according to different philosophers How long songs spent in the chart each decade [OC] Failing to run the Paris Marathon under 4:00:00. I've tried to animate how I did... [OC] Wild Animal Encounters: Do's and Don'ts NYC Subway: Map Distances vs. Geographic Distances [OC] Star Trek Deaths by Shirt Color [OC] My average weekday of a 9th Grader in USA [OC] Foundation of ~2500 american cities-towns on an animated map [OC] [OC] How Men and Women Compliment Each Other The world's most spoken languages in one infographic The 10 commandments of typography How Long Do Animals Live Top subreddits filtered from -r-popular [OC] 222 Action Verbs To Use In Your New Resume Does it still count as a cool guide if it's from the '30s? What color to paint every room according to science Bortle Scale of Nightlight Pollution 8 Leadership Trends That Will Dictate 2019 Murphy's law : quick one pager with constant and corrollaries.. (source : social media forward). 32 endangered species, ranked by how many are currently left Saw this and thought I'd share it on here! Enjoy! Pizzas - 40 different types 12 Tips Staying inspired My 2.5 month job hunt in higher education as a recent graduate [OC] Area required to give every individual human (not family) on Earth their own TinyHouse - House - Mansion [OC] How to Listen to Someone Complain 40 Tourist Scams [OC] Remember Local Elections. State Legislature by Party Majority Percentage 10,000 attempts at spelling Matthew McConaughey [OC] How to gird your loins Lightsaber Color Meaning Difference Between Two Major Cannabis Plants - Sativa and Indica Tattoo styles explained (x-post interestingasfu) Kitchen Measurement Conversion Good and Bad Habits of Smart People 16 Government Types Visualizing the depth-first search recursive backtracker maze solver algorithm [OC] Theories on why we haven't found alien life yet. Every Single Hour Of My 2017 Recorded [OC] Total population change (2010-2017) [OC] [OC] Crop to Cup. I grew coffee and drank it, made some notes. What 100 calories of fruit looks like Fruit infographic How to find an idea for your next big novel. How the NFL schedule works (x-post from r-nfl) This is what these Big Companies knows about you The Ages We Peak At Working two minimum wage jobs in Omaha, Nebraska [OC] Chart of Indo-European languages and dialects, according to the Linguasphere Register [OC] Filming locations in California (with photos) [OC] My 5-Month Weight Loss Progress A cool guide on trenches used in wars Cool Illustration for the Depths of The Monsters of Norse Mythology. Description of Each in comments. Boxplot of the times I started work for the last three years, by month, and printed on a mug [OC] Guide to Figuring out the Age of an Undated World Map [OC] two years of exploring my neighborhood on foot Living with dementia My girlfriend's brother has a hard time cleaning, so she made him a nice infographic to help him out. All the world's metro line colors, by hue angle [OC] The rise and fall? in the popularity of dataisbeautiful subreddit [OC] The fewest US counties you can remove to change the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election [OC] Impact of Sleep on Fitness and Overall Health Like vs Dislike Per Year On Youtube Rewinds (So Far) [OC] A guide to electric cars based on their driving range How to Build a Human Now this is a graphic that provides some valuable info. A Guide to Remodeling Your Sales Process for the Modern Market All the days in a 90 year life on a single page Temperature of every hour in NY since 1973 [OC] Mapping The Wealthiest Cities In The World How to fix 21 common cooking and baking mistakes. Typical Cell in a US Federal Supermax Prison Tampa mapped with one day of Coast Bike rides. [OC] [OC] How much liquid does the average man produce in a lifetime [x-post -r-DataArt] Sleeping patterns of 27 of history's genuises. Mobile permissions The state-by-state correlation between teen birth rates and religious conviction [OC] Chance of Death per Year [OC] Global temperature increase from 1880 to 2015 [OC] GMail cheat sheet! 4 years of texts between me and my long distance girlfriend throughout college, analyzed using my platform [OC] Graphic showing how the Hong Kong protests unfolded Roman Emperors by Year [OC] What 200 calories looks like The Depths Below In another difficult fire season in the American west, here’s a bit of what goes into fighting wildland fire [OC] A visualisation of how I felt throughout 2018 The 20 richest cities in America Why my microwave makes me lose Wi-Fi connection. Part 1? [OC] Photography 101 What gemstones are made of How to analyze blood spatters Left vs Right Ideology Made an infographic about e-mail marketing for a class! Learn to Read Korean in 15 Minutes [OC] The Downfall of Game of Thrones Ratings Tekken 7 - Chance to Win Round given Health Relative to Opponent [OC] Web Development | Tricks to Earn Through WordPress How much beer you can buy in European countries with £10. Just road accidents in Great Britain - 2010 [OC] 10 Ways to Utilise your Podcast Appearance Mercury Dental Fillings: By the Numbers Pfff How to remove any stain from your clothes Some famous logos explained The Best Web Development Tools to Increase Productivity In under 30 years, 90% of U.S. media went from being owned by 50 companies to 6 media giants History Of The Man Cave [x post from -r-mancave] The Wealthiest and Poorest County in Every U.S. State A Timeline of Earth's Average Temperature The difference between scans Contouring make-up MAN vs WOMAN Carbon Dioxide Concentration By Decade [OC] 1940s Lingo The Blue shades of various Social Networks How to fix 9 common sleep problems What each alert light on your dashboard means. My girlfriend's sleeping habits....during movies. [OC] The Science of Grocery Shopping How torrenting works US & China: A Tale of Two Economies Gaussian distribution [OC] Critical Thinking This shivers my timbers I thought this might be helpful some day This is pretty cool from Visual Capitalist! The biggest employer in each state of the USA. Presidential Travel Costs: Obama vs. Trump [OC] Number of tree on earth in comparison to humans [OC] The Best Completely Free Software Alternatives for Students and Professionals (STEM focus) How Green is Your State Pt 2: Now 100% more nuclear! [OC] What you'd have to make in a year to be in the top 1% The Finnish population as dots on a map [OC] A VERY Basic overview of the Known human stages of evolution! Guide on how to be a great leader. cool guide about the periodic table!! How to Exercise Your Muscles The 20 biggest web properties over the last 20 years Annual Pet Cost A Guide to Stop Taking Things Personally The Presidential Motorcade Programming language guide What does cigarette give you? How to test the components of your soil XKCD 988: or how the [OC] I asked 255 people to choose what they think the least popular answer will be How not to be hard on yourself Most Obese Countries: 8 out of 10 are Middle-Eastern [OC] Top 50 Sites in the United States [OC] Infant Mortality Rates since 1950 [OC] The words most spoken by every Avenger [OC] South Korea's GDP per capita vs. the rest of the world (1970 & 2016) [OC] Drug Overdose Death Rates, 2015 [OC] My 500 days on OkCupid [OC] Visualising data 15 Preparations to You Should Do to Become A Successful Presenter Cornell Notemaking Method A Visualization of the Closest Star Systems that Contain Planets in the Habitable Zone, and Their Distances from Earth [OC] Easiest and most difficult languages to learn for English speakers Mental Health Pain Scale Animal-based vs plant-based diet : land use 60 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts Every Office Worker Should Know Price changes over the years The Evolution..... Beers, when to drink them, and what to pair them with. How often you should wash your stuff Death penalty: execution rates in G20 members in 2016 [OC] Throwing 1000 needles to estimate pi [OC] Guide on cornering Guide to how colours relationships in black and white photographs change depending on the coloured lens filter you use Global population by birth year [OC] When Europeans fly the nest Thought it might belong here, OP is u-00dot Hand-wrist exercises for gamers The most-searched tourist destination in every state in 2018 What breast cancer can look & feel like Never noticed giraffes had different patterns. Average word count at State of the Union address by POTUS and their Most Distinguishing words [OC] Salad Pairing Guide! Which car brands cost the most to maintain Household income distribution in USA by state [OC] Entire text history with my GF, from first swipe on Bumble until today [OC] How To Relieve Back pain The different types of procrastinators GDP per capita in Africa vs. China (1980 & 2016) [OC] Google Search Tricks [OC] Blade Runner 2049..... represented by 1600 captures of the movie. Each of these is resized to 1px wide and extracted with the same time interval. The actual size of Africa. How much people eat [NOT OC] What to do if you find a bird out of the nest!'s simple and awesome infographic. Cacti:) The web world WHO OWNS WHO? 182 Beauty Companies are Owned by Seven Leaders Proper tablesetting [OC]Nitrogen dioxide levels mapped in London. Where should you avoid? Anywhere in the City![OC] I made this guide on the word origins behind some of the character names in Lord of the Rings The Coconutting - How TIFU became TIFAC [OC] Ride-hailing apps are now 65% bigger than taxis in New York City [OC] [OC] A year of Tumblr activity, before and after the removal of porn. Where Fathers Get The Most Paid Parental Leave Every successful mission to the Moon. [OC] 3D pricing map of New York City A world of languages How A U.S. Nuclear Strike Works Verrückt - The world's tallest waterslide How they plan out cities - found this a while ago, think it’s pretty cools the whole organisation of it - unsure of origin The entire Phonetic Alphabet Types of German Dogs Visualizing PI - Distribution of the first 1,000 digits [OC] Is this food healthy? Where Americans and nutritionists disagree All places in North America with words lake, creek, mountain etc. in their names [OC] My attempt at untangling the web of relationships in Syria [OC] How Safe Is It To Drink Water From Countries Around The World? 50+ Stormtroopers and Clone troopers from Star Wars Percentage of world debt by country In-N-Out and Shake Shack locations mapped [OC] Where Do Greenhouse Gas Emissions Come From? [OC] Putin Likes To Keep Other World Leaders Waiting How to look and sound more confident How to talk with your child The ultimate anime recommendation flowchart for beginners I made this guide explaining why some element symbols don't match up with their names The 1949-1990 division of Berlin in East & West Berlin is still visible today in the Tram network [OC] Cost of Living 1975 vs 2015 Xkcd 980: Money Visual Explanation of Gerrymandering Getting better The 10 most populous U.S. cities every decade since 1790 Visualize How Websites Rank | Keyword Plateau Concept Marijuana Laws Since 1939 [OC] A mosaic of world countries retaining their correct size and shape [OC] People use the generation names so often today without even knowing them right. Here is a chart. Different styles of ketchup Sign Language Basics 866 failed attempts to kill Bowser mapped out [OC] Handy chart for using more precise words to describe basic emotion. How to not be hard on yourself [infographic] Dog Evolution [1500 x 2099] The World as 100 People 16 Bad Things Decreasing - from Hans Rosling's book Factfulness 2016 was the third annual temperature record in a row, and the warmest year on record [OC] Rise, fall, and rebound: a history of home prices in 19 American cities [OC] 37 Fictional Drugs and Substances Cool word choice guide from r-writing Visualizing How a Bitcoin Transaction Works (x-post from -r-bitcoin) This map shows where the first Chinese space station Tiangong 1 could land at April 1st How to lace your running shoes Facts about Tibet: What China doesn't want you to know. 1-7 Using your knuckles to tell which months have 31 days Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling How to talk to your child at every age Logical Fallacies ( This dish soap lists the purpose for each ingredient How Deep Oil Wells Go The Wealthiest and Poorest County in every U.S. State How Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas killer modified his weapons with “bump stock” that fires 400-800 rounds per minute (Infographic) How we spend our days [OC] A guide of where electrical outlets come from Dante's Inferno The wonderfully inconsistent groupings of British and Irish sport associations [OC] Conflict in literature 17 equations that changed the world. How many of these have you used? 80% of deaths of children under age five are preventable. Sleeping habits of animals. Everybody has to sleep... The Top 30 U.S. Companies by Revenue in 2018 Wheel of Cheese Explaining Web Design with Boxes | ELI5 Version Randomness of different card shuffling techniques [OC] USA Abortion Rate, by Presidential Administration [OC] A guide to the elements of typography and fonts Traditional Wedding Attire Around the World How to keyboard The Dutch East India Company was the most valuable company in human history with it being worth almost 8 times as much as Apple is today. Passenger fatalities per billion passenger miles [OC] 100 largest islands of the world 2000 Years Of Economic History 101 ways to make your Kids Smarter The true size of Africa The ultimate list of educational websites How the blaze spread at Notre Dame Cathedral Leo’s Rule Hotdogs of the world Mens Jacket and Coats - A Visual Style Overview UK Coral Cities - Drive-Time Analysis [OC] Chinese Dynasties: 4000+ years of history [OC] Detailed anatomy of the human body illustrated in the style of a subway map [OC] Pocketography: The Democratization of Photography The meaning of 52 car dashboard indicators. The last 'Ultimate' guide looked outdated so I decided to make a new one! How make gourmet ketchups Words to Use Instead of I caught a scammer on Amazon who was gaming the review system. Mythology The Tallest Buildings and Structures in the World Throughout History What you need to know before watching “Solo: a Star Wars movie” The Top 10 Highest Grossing Broadway Shows of All Time Watch my money flow! An animated representation of my 2018 income and expenses. [OC] The roundest countries Terrible clients explained in the best way possible Half the United States Lives in These Counties. The all-time Final Four finishes of NCAA Basketball March Madness visualized by (hopefully correct) current logos of each school. Vacated wins are denoted, as are changes in format with the presence-absence of a national 3rd-place game. Requested by u-triii3iiip The World according to Trump - The area of each country is proportional to the number of times it was mentioned by Trump [OC] How Gut Bacteria Affects the Brain and Body Excel Tricks Average flags of the world: means, modes and medians [OC] Percent of Air in chip bags Leonardo DiCaprio Refuses to Date a Woman Over 25 [OC] LatinoAmerican countries ranked by GDP (PPP) per capita: 1997 vs. 2017 [OC] Lexical gaps in English Global internet usage by time of day Universal Declaration of Human RIGHT by UN The Scoville Scale The Top 10 Tallest Buildings in the World over Time What happens from the absolute coldest to the absolute hottest possible temperatures Beards:a history [OC] Every time I have peed or pooped in 2018. Most common US languages, by state, excluding English and Spanish Satellites that are orbiting the Earth in 2018 and their main purposes Mixed Martial Arts The Highest-Calorie Single Menu Item at 25 Major Fast Food Restaurants, Ranked 40 under 40: historic figures who died young Top 4 Countries with Highest CO2 Emissions Per Capita are Middle-Eastern [OC] Countries with the Largest Defense Budgets [OC] Helmets colors and their meaning. [OC] Dominant Color of Earth's Countries as Seen from Space -- Made Using Google Maps API and k-means Clustering with Python [OC] Screen time of GOT Characters (*fixed) When you reach this point, you are exactly halfway through the Harry Potter books. Metals By Their Hardness & Most Common Uses The UK's share of military equipment in the EU -r-UncensoredNews Subreddit Network: These are the other subreddits that the mods of -r-UncensoredNews moderate [OC] The 600-mile Treasures That Have Still Not Been Found Animated World Population by Region 1950 to 2100 [OC] Cool guide to proper argumentation U.S. young adults living with parents, 1980 vs. 2016 [OC] Despite more than three weeks to complete it, we waited until the day it was due to actually get started. This is the word count of my university group project...the day it was due [OC] An analysis of the top 50 highest-grossing animated films of all time - taking studio, rotten tomatoes score, worldwide gross, mpaa rating and even race and gender into account How Solar Panels Work 21 Emotions for which there are no English Words. Percentage of cases where the wife manages a couple's entire finances and gives the husband pocket money when necessary, by country (infographic) How to Disappear from the Net Guide to choosing color combinations for your outfits Entire History of Space Exploration A Quick reference CPR 23 most common languages laid out in clear chart - Lucasinfografia Software Deployment Checklist for Businesses how to google like a boss Google search interest follows the path of the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse [OC] Master Your Muscles: Best Arm Exercises Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for ten different teams What Are The Odds That You Exist? The age you peak at everything Distributions of height for the different positions in the 2018 FIFA World Cup [OC] Notre Dame Cathedral Cross Section (by Stephen Biesty) Histomap of Religion The largest metro systems in the world, ranked by number of annual journeys A chart showing several options for UK citizens' rights after Brexit How Does BLOCKCHAIN work? Your Odds of Becoming a Millionaire [oc] Where Mormons live in America A helpful cross post .... Combined faces of top 200 NFL players (with positions) [OC] Software developer job hunt as a new grad [OC] How to survive being buried alive in a coffin Timelapse of Hurricane Irma predictions vs actual path [OC] This is why your vote is so important A Visual Guide To Morse Code moved countries. here's six months of job hunting for an engineering management position. [OC] An illustration showing how our mouth pronounces different words and sounds How to Choose the Right Chart Type [Infographic] More accurate graph of Ted Cruz's tweets and his use of Lifespans of Presidents of United States [OC] Should You Take a Personal Loan? [Decision Tree] Tinder over 3 years (18-21 Male) [OC] Guide to different colors used by companies A Time-Specific Guide for Cleaning an Apartment-Home Basics of Web Design Infographic I made for an English class a few years back How to Recognise Anxiety in Yourself and Others. According to William Glasser (1925-2013), a leading American psychiatrist, this is the breakdown of human memory retention. Adding to the pi visualizations [OC] Visualizing the human footprint How to interpret tree growth How reading makes you smarter The best Denny's locations to see the total solar eclipse [OC] Top 100 Paid Apps in iTunes Store [OC] Fake Influencers: What They Are and How to Avoid the Fraud [Infographic] When to use i.e. versus e.g. Paper rose This is all the Household Chemistry that people do. 120 chemical combinations visualised. (x-post from -r-chemistry) What explains population change by region in Europe? [OC] 18 different tie knots guide. I wrote a Python package to do adaptive sampling of functions in parallel [OC] Stencil stealthily How to pair pasta with the appropriate sauce A Guide to Remembering Anything Minutes spent per day, TV vs. Mobile Phone [OC] [OC] Austin, Texas Metrorail diagram compared to its real geography. Combined faces of top 1800 MLB (Major League Baseball) players [OC] A look at the 50 most common jobs and how likely they are to become automated How to survive a plunge from a waterfall. By artofmanliness. How much as a percentage of your life has the U.S. been at war. Visualisation of where the world's guns are [OC]. Beat box guide How to barricade a door Differences between US and UK homes Techniques for improving your communication skills As a german, this is how I spend my money this month [OC] Some useful websites for any occasion Economic Growth, by Country and Total, 2009 was brutal! [OC] How to Create Compelling Infographics for Marketing Any feedback? Useful guide to differentiate between wasps, bees, hornets Macaroon or Macaron? Evolution of World Maps through time The Many Faces of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Infographic [X-Post from -r-Gaming] My health decline and eventual brain surgery [OC] How to dress for the occasion Distance to the horizon when viewed from different heights [OC] Hot sauces chart Winning Tic Tac Toe-Noughts and Crosses. The traditional homes of 11 Native American cultures. 21 Ways to Power a Car (Without Gas) Heat Map of 1,058,383 Basketball Shots from NCAA Games [OC] Mickey Mouse shaped map of all the companies Disney owns A Visual History of Homes In America Origins of Common UI Symbols Comparing the sizes of the Colossi in What does one dollar buy you in Europe? Know your mushrooms The neurotransmitters in our brain [OC]The quest for my first software engineering job Top Motivators for Millennials and Gen-Z Workforce (Infographic) Matrix map of Disruptive Technologies to their Impact Vectors Lifespans of the animal kingdom The Official & Ceremonial Vehicles of 45 World Leaders Hacks to transform your Ramen into a gourmet meal Most common type of livestock by region in Europe [OC] A Failed Relationship in Numbers [OC] Facts about Hemp. 10 Companies That Own Nearly All The Food I made a guide showing at which ages English-speaking children learn consonantal sounds The complete car dashboard light guide. lifespan of animals Average consumption of tap water per person in the EU Overview of the new EU Space Programme in one infographic Guide to 6 pack abs. [OC] Foreign children adoption rates in the US The percentage of likes to dislikes for each year's YouTube Rewind. [OC] Combined faces of top 500 professional golfers [OC] basic camera tips now you know who you're actually buying from The cost difference between hand-made and machine-made items Which countries in the world have banned Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Wikipedia? Ace your next interview: 34 Tips Traditional European Christmas Sweets 25 banks providing financial support for 4 tar sands oil pipeline companies. Gender Ratio by Age in the U.S. [OC] Age Distribution for the 10 Largest Countries [OC] How to properly exercise your muscles. The Fundamentals of Binary Kickstarter successes, fails and cancellations by category, between 2009 and 2017 [OC] People killed in terrorist attacks in 2017: Europe (Blue) vs Africa (Red) [OC] The 4 pillars of film making Theory of Evolution 101 Measuring Venezuela’s power outage in real time [OC] People who cannot afford to keep their home adequately warm, 2016 [OC] Surgical Jargon Guide Thorough color mixing guide Scratch Chemist's pH Scale The “Big 10” food and beverage companies. Dog body language Where real estate prices are rising the fastest in the United States How To Make Kick-Ass Ketchups How fast is that ship? - The fastest ship in the universe How to Lace Shoes for Proper Fit 100 years of hurricane paths animated [OC] How colorblind people see. The score progression of the new most down voted comment in history [OC] Social media users: male vs female Guide on how to pretend to bounce a roll. How to Identify Warplanes (1943) [5133 × 3429] 10 ways to start a fire without a lighter or matches i’ve always wondered Is it a jam or a confit? Now you know 23 Psychological Lifehacks Dr. Google told me so. Collective nouns for animal groups [OC] Cost of Disney World trip for a family of 4 in the US, domestic flights included How Instagram Started Know your beer [x-post -r-food] Climate Change Science vs. Polluter Public Relations Found in -NoFap Deaths Per Billion Journeys (by mode of transport) [OC] How to swear in Latin A Comprehensive Guide to Yellow Stripey Things Rocket size chart circa 1995 [HD Edition] Morse Code Tree International Phonetic Alphabet in English by Tyler Neyens [OC] A map of 18,000+ asteroid orbits in the solar system Core demands of Hong Kong Protesters Understanding Gestalt Principles (interactive version via link in comments) 75 types of wood ranked by hardness and how they are used Measuring how likely a post is to make r-All based on it's score when it is 30 minutes old [OC] An illustrated collection of mistakes people often make when visualizing data On suicide prevention day, If you’re worried about a friend follow the Alan guide The most commonly spoken language in each U.S state excluding Spanish and English How to pick a lock The Biggest Tourist Scams Travelers Need To Watch Out For 6 months of job hunting, by city, until I finally landed a job! [OC] How to Jump Start A Car Tips I've accumulated over the past week based on ethnicity [OC] I tracked my summer break for 20 days [OC] A Guide to Conflict in Literature (SpongeBob Edition) Less than 5 percent of U.S. World War II veterans are still alive [OC] Tobacco litter picked up on Polk Street, SF, over the course of a month [OC] Fifth Amendment Flowchart Collectives of fake stuff. Avg. cost of internet expressed as a percent of net income, by country [OC] How Elon Musk built his empire (X-post r-GetMotivated) Why you can't sleep and what you can do about it Top 4 Reasons why you should get Certified! - Credforce Difference between short, medium, and long tail keywords (SEO) Kickass Ketchups Fight Fake News. Know Who is Reputable. Box Wrapping The deadliest known natural disasters of all time. Won't be easy to live on Mars Media Bias The Monsters of Norse Mythology. Description of Each in comments. [OC] Network visualization of my twitter followers and their followers. Almost three years after her passing, my late girl friend is still my strongest connection A Guide to Americans How Much Did The Comet Landing Cost? System of imperial units [OC] Outflow of Refugees from Syria to Other Countries in 2016 Ever wondered about different types of dragons? Helpful in this Job hunting season Ages of NBA Draft picks, 1984-2019 [OC] How you may be able to save your dog's life Evolution of the English Alphabet How to start running Different colour terms... How to take the perfect nap. Real time speed of global fossil fuel CO₂ emissions (each box is 10 tonnes of CO₂) [OC] 15 ticking time bombs to prepare for now. Google Advance Search Operators: Be a Google Power User. Analysis of the Accuracy and Bias of News Sources on Political Subreddits Mammalian babies big and small 36 animals that became extinct due to human activity The Geographical Time Scale. Resume cheat sheet Satellites that are orbiting the Earth in 2018 and their main purposes Crime and Punishment: Islamic State v Saudi Arabia 1010 days on Facebook After almost 20 years being connected to the internet, this is how my connections evolved, almost always having the 'best package' available. [OC] Chilean Mine Rescue, October 2010 The Most Tried and Failed Small Businesses Over the past 6 months I've recorded everything I've drunk. Here are the first summary results. [OC] 10 Safe Sex Tips to Protect You From STDs The average color of each frame of Game of Thrones season 8 episode 3. [OC] Had a bad thought so I looked up Heimlich Maneuver for cats. Felt it belonged here Most popular US baby name for girls and boys by state 1910-2015 [OC] Why didnt I have this in college Life advice from 50 different characters Batman RIP - The Many Deaths of Batman Infographic: How fecal transplants work against recurrent C. diff infections Another cool guide for screw heads and threads. The real size of Africa. Many people are shocked when they see the real size of Africa. That is because the most commonly used map of the world (Mercator projection) dated from the 16th century features a wildly distorted size of this continent. For each country in the world the red area shows where 95% of them live, the percentage is how much land this represents for each country [OC] How to Exercise Your Muscles Marijuana in Colorado infographic (x-post -r-Libertarian) Top 50 Apps to Track Everything American Cities by Time Zone [OC] How anger affects your brain and body peter picked a peck The undeserved reputation of MSG Reddit is Changing its Mind about Elon Musk [OC] Guide to Ramen How to design autistic friendly apps and webpages Guide to figuring out the age of an undated world map (XKCD) [OC] My Tinder experience as a 24F living in Scandinavia A (new) Brief History of Airline Crashes Michael Jordan's shot chart for the 1996-97 season [OC] The Faces Behind The Voices The objects authors most frequently use for size comparisons, past and present [OC] Military spending by country. The Most Valuable Companies in America Over 100 years Here's a pretty epic info graphic! 15 Golden Principles of Visual Hierarchy Volcanic eruption happening at Mount Agung, shown by NASA satellite that measures sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere [OC] Plain packaging around the world How To Properly Exercise Your Muscles Infographic: Where the Jobs are Going For everyone like me who don’t look good in pictures. Guide on how to be Photogenic. Networking Protocols Hot-Dogs Around the World How 10 Billionaires Faced Failure Trump cabinet infographic from Economist Ladder of aggression for dogs. Pothole Complaints in Indianapolis [OC] The Story of UK Exports - WorldFirst Blog Largest soccer stadium in each European country Life Expectancy in the United States (by state) Happy World Penguin Day. Know your penguins 🐧🐧🐧 120 chess openings on a poster Cool bullet guide Literature in the past and future (xkcd) Never too late Dating old maps (xkcd decision flow-chart) This chart of note ranges by instrument The first lines of some of the most iconic books ever written How colourblind people see The top grossing movie in the world each year from Jaws to Captain America: Civil War (1975-2016) Theory of Power (House of Cards) Africa is actually really freaking HUGE Oldest businesses for every state in the US. [OC] How many times each judgement option appears in a comment from the top 100 posts of r-AmItheAsshole Car bands This Is What Every Element Is Used For Diagram of Supranational European Bodies What it takes to burn off the calories in fast food I did share this in a different subreddit but fits here better, pretty cool geologic timescale Do you think you have missed your chance? Think again! How to solve Evolutionary guide to world religions. Including Faiths, Myths, and Mysticism. America's Household Income, Visualized as 100 Homes 11 Ways Dehydration Is Making You Fat, Sick, And Tired [OC] I measured my heart rate while gaming, because science How to remove a leech (Some of) the largest empires of history, visualised as planets orbiting Earth [OC] [x-post r-DataArt] The salary you need to afford the median priced home in major U.S. metros [OC] Advanced Excel Tricks & Techniques The Most Popular Halloween Candy in Every U.S. State Average Photo of Moraine Lake Submitted to r-EarthPorn [OC] A Complete Guide To Photography (For Beginners) How to read contor lines on topographic maps. Nightly - Sleep facts. How Texans feel about the new Open Carry law Slow Fashion Vs. Fast Fashion Infographic Map of European cheeses The dismal numbers behind Kanye West's charity which doesn't donate money - no wonder Yeezus shut it down... When you peak at everything Cigarette tax rates vs. Smoking Population, by State [OC] I analyzed 5 months of beer sales data from my bar and bottle shop to show how consumer style preference changes each month [OC] Commonly misunderstood English words & phrases (e.g. Should of, Deep-seated vs Deep-seeded) Japanese phrases for tourists How to be Productive Punk Eras The beauty of space exploration! Natural Gas has Surpassed Coal as US's Leading Source of Electricity [OC] The Abundance of Stuff in the Universe The precipitous decline in White House press briefings [OC] The rise, decline, and fall of an Internet meme A Greek (Yogurt) Tragedy: Mentions of Greek Yogurt in posts on -r-nutrition [OC] 20 Amazing Facts About Facebook [Infographic] Heart rate when my wife asked for a divorce [OC] Taxes evaded as a higher % of taxes owed, by wealth group The position of their eyes can tell you which family a spider belongs in 50 Years 50 Toys Interesting way to look at the Great Lakes Types of cognitive distortions How I Met Your Mother - Drinks Breakdown Blood Donation The most practical and efficient order to learn guitar chords Heart rate during PhD comprehensive exam [OC] Shelf life of common foods when refrigerated (or not) Scotland as a US state Americans today are much more tolerant than in the 1970s [OC] How to Improve Your Resume According to Science The one cool guide that everyone should know, it’s for you’re own benefit. Here are some tips for how to care for your grieving friend Reign and Killer of Roman Emperors [OC] I created a website to visualize and quantify pros - cons for ANY Amazon electronics product, based on its user reviews. It enables readers to go through thousands of reviews in a few minutes. [OC] How to start building muscle with NO equipment The Odds of Becoming a Millionaire in America Mobile Phone Sizes Infographic: What Your Poop Is Telling You My local butchers puts roasting times on their carrier bags The 3 elements of exposure Top 25 world cities with most pleasant days in a year [OC] I tracked all of my cats meows for 24 hours [OC] How to be more productive at work Percent of U.S. workers driving alone to work, by county [OC] Enjoy FRIENDS The XKCD map age guide The 100 Largest Websites In The World, Sorted By Category. A guide to American currency Injection techniques 100 Historic Lives, through the decades [OC] My daughters sleeping patterns for the first 4 months of her life. One continuous spiral starting on the inside when she was born, each revolution representing a single day. Midnight at the top (24 hour clock). [OC] Every country's most popular beer. What 1500 calories looks like at 25 popular fast food restaurants [OC] Regional population structures at a glance The Best Music Subscription: Apple Music vs Spotify Boy do I love ketchup Quick refresher course. Doesn’t hurt to brush up. Helps create a dialogue without being there in person. Percentage of U.S. women never married, by age, 1980 & 2015 [OC] Is it Raining in Seattle? [OC] Classic cocktails and how to make them The average color of every frame of Netflix's Defenders Episode 1, compressed into a single image, shows the unique color grading used for each main character [OC] The Proper Knife For Every Type Of Food Asking 100 people for a random number from 1 to 10 [OC] Guide to escaping a sinking car Share of men-women for the 30 most common occupations in Switzerland [OC] Vitamin C in some common foods [OC] Key Benefits of Html 5 Web Development Surviving a crash Dante's Inferno: a helpful diagram to eternal damnation (there are a lot more levels than I expected!) Found this the other day. I think it’s neat 50 Ways to Use Less Plastic Excel tricks to impress your boss Combined faces of top 225 NBA players [OC] soda-pop-coke map with a trivariate color encoding [OC] I've spent the last year tracking brewery ownership to create this. Includes Heineken, Mitsubishi, and the Vatican! The United States of What If (All Potential States That Came to Vote Passed) Looking for an appartment in Paris, 2019[OC] Kinda neat Guide to all different types of “Bees” [OC] SportsViz: NCAA 2018 - Basketball Shot Visualisation Public opinion of same-sex relations in the United States [OC] Florida Power Outages During Irma, County by County, 9-9-9-11 Evolution of World Maps through time Common Tourist Scams Impressive questions to ask an interviewer African airline Kulula underwent an entire fleet redesign and made one big infographic on the exterior of their airplanes. Every Single ½ Hour of My 2018 Recorded [OC] Lifespans of the animal kingdom Each week for the last few months, I bought 3 Powerball tickets for $6 and invested $6 into a Robo-Advisor App to compare return on investment [OC] The evolution of Black Panther What happens to your body after your last cigarette? Wikipedia's illustration for Gerrymandering. Cool and (almost) complete US map of TV shows World Languages [OC] I made a map about bodies of water of Alaska Saw this awhile ago and thought it could be helpful to new users. A map of the biggest revenue earners in each state Probability of a chess piece being moved on move X in a Vassily Ivanchuk game [OC] Evolution of the gun emoji Facts about tattoos Daily healthy habits A plurality of Americans are not convinced that Russia is responsible for election-related hacking. The most-upvoted comments in Reddit threads aren't good. They're just early [OC] How I prevent myself from looking dumb in front of a group. Photoshop Painting Tool Overview (powered by Overnightgraphics) Food Shelf Life Cheat Sheet I deployed over a dozen cyber honeypots all over the globe here is the top 100 usernames and passwords that hackers used trying to log into them [OC]. I think swords are interesting Guide to the classic home styles of Chicago [OC] Berlin Subway Map compared to it's real geography [OC] U.S. States renamed for countries with similar GDPs 5 Ways You Can Save Your Baby's Life Areas specifically targeted by Russian FB Ads (Data from United States House of Representative’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence) [OC] Showing 10 bands of latitude with equal population [OC] A Century of American UFO Sightings [OC] The cost of 30 common American grocery items over 10 years Manual Photography Guide How to jump start a car Positive language and attitude is so important to mental health and wellness. This statistic shows mobile internet usage in some countries Healthy foods to cure your cravings 12 Things You Should Know About Economics MAGICAL WHITE BEARDS - the longer the beard, the more magical [OC] UK Spotify streams for 21 Savage songs increased by 127% in the 24hrs following news that he was born in the UK Best Time Of The Day To Mow Your Lawn I usually bring my lunch to work, but my co-workers around me don't. I recorded data for 10 weeks on when they begin discussing [OC] The Periodic Table with country and date of discovery [OC] As an American, I finally understand Most popular How to draw a shark in 9 steps! Map of the series of earthquakes reported in the days since fracking has resumed in the Blackpool area, after a seven year hiatus. [OC] Simpson No-No's Word clouds and lyric analysis of Maroon 5 albums released 15 years apart illustrates how they have become more Can my suit be worn as a blazer? Visualizing happiness (and other factors) around the globe [OC] How to Bowl a Strike Vocabulary Wheel for describing emotions Tokyo metropolitan railway system (x-post from -r-MapPorn) Best workouts to target certain parts of abs Might be useful Apple Guide at Atkin’s Farms in Amherst, Massachusetts How to measure remaining daylight with your hand. Check if your birthday is 'very common', 'average' or 'uncommon' Inbound Marketing Campaigns: Tips to Boost Your Business Timeline infographic of the greatest Science Fiction movies and games Campaign Contributions To Senators By The DeVos Family [OC] Dessert identification Memory cards! The Thermal Structure of Hurricane Maria. Super Cold, High Cloud Tops are Abundant Near the Stormy Eyewall [OC] Units of length in Imperial System. British Military Ranks Last 8 years of Hitler mentions on -r-worldnews [OC] The 50 US state capitol buildings illustrated to scale Vegan protein sources Every Prince haircut between 1978-2014 Active shooter incidents across America over the past 10 years Access to Electricity [OC] The Most Downvoted comments of all time on reddit[OC] A guide I made on the origins of different pasta names Scrubs IMDb rating per episode [OC] What the buttons on a Formula 1 steering wheel do (2014 edition) The Marvel Cinematic Universe's impressive consistency: Phase 1, 2 & 3 seen through IMDb ratings [OC] One Slovenian voter has more influence than 12 Italian voters at the European Parliament elections [OC] First signs you should not accept that job This guide about 2000-2009 Two Worlds of Cancer Alphabet Evolution Worst Pandemics in World History Inception Tmeline ikigai - “a reason to live”, or the Japanese idea of having a purpose in life. Logo Types Ohms law [OC] I asked 100 people to pick either rock, paper, or scissors When should you have your dog on leash? All recorded meteorite impacts in the U.S. from 1918 to 2018 [OC] Excel Shortcuts Cheat Sheet 9 parenting practices from around the world Plants That Keep Bugs Away 20 most bizarre food in the world Zelda Timeline w- Breath of the Wild included! via @getFANDOM Your ikigai is the perfect combination of being good at something, loving something, and getting paid for something. Enhancing and balancing flavors A guide to foods that you can easily regrow yourself 1% of reddit has 47% of all karma earned in 2015 [OC] CDC's “The new (ab)normal”. A look at the change of fast food portion sizes from the 1950s to the 2000s. Worldwide Earthquake Density 1965-2016 [OC] Anakin Vs Obi-Wan - the high ground over time [OC] The 7-Minute Workout That Science Says Actually Works Coloring Paris' roads by designation [OC] $100 of Bitcoin in 2010 is now $4.3M [OC] The highest and lowest elevation of every U.S. state. Hollywood Salaries Revealed: Who Makes What on the Lot and on Location From Jan 2015 to Feb 2017, the most prolific 0.01% and 0.1% of reddit commenters wrote 3% and 12% of all comments respectively [OC] An analysis of the top 50 highest-grossing animated films of all time. A guide to learning efficiently (like Elon Musk) Some art guide i found on facebook How to Keep Your Chickens Safe [OC] Histogram of my music library as album covers Visualization of wolf pack territoriality based on 68,000 GPS-locations over a 7 month period [OC]. The World's 25 Strangest Drinking Customs A Timeline of When Elements Were Discovered One Mistake, Two Journeys Timeline of the Golden State Killer Ultimate List of Educational Websites What Happens in an Internet Minute in 2019? Police killing rates in G7 members [OC] Different affective ways to make a campfire Here are a bunch of weird factoids about the presidents of the United States (parts II and III in comments) Silenced to Death: The Murder of Journalists on the Front Lines Density map of stars on national flags [OC] I made a guide that analyzes the Reddit gold redesign The Permutation of Pasta Guide to Laundry Stain Removal Thought you'd like it... It’s hard for me to say I’m sorry The effects of a hunger strike on the human body What breast cancer can look and feel like Map of Africa's Natural Resources 70+ Reasons Why Switching to four-day workweek is better Cool calculus My phone activity before and after I met a girl [OC] How Virtual Assistant names change Baby names [OC] Cognitive Bias Codex, 2016 [OC] Top Baby Girl Names by State Over Time Satisfaction with height as a function of self-reported height [OC] Think before we click! The Impact of Visual Content on Brand Building! Fastest moving balls in sports [OC] 69 Rules of English Punctuation A Guide to Power Dressing at Work Casulties in the World Wars Top Entrepreneurs of the world How to get people to like you (12 key tips) Around the World in 50 Traditional Breakfast Dishes The Evolution of Super Hero Costumes in Marvel Cinematic Universe Pretty cool guide on the longest roads in the world. Never heard of most of these. Most popular US attractions : State by state The Most Prolific Serial Killer in Every State A guide to cemetery symbolism Comparing the sizes of nuclear detonations throughout history Things Disney owns History of the last 4000 yrs. On #NationalTacoDay here's a good one, Tacos: A guide from Mexico to the world. The Richest superheroes Where People Feel Emotions in Their Bodies 27 extensions for Chrome (that are actually useful) What Happens When A Smoker Quits 80% of resolutions fail by February. Stay motivated! Happy February, all! A List Of Nestle Water Brands By Country To Help You Avoid Them The most popular games on Steam ranked by ownership and playtime since 2008. Style of beer. John Oliver's impact on FCC Net Neutrality Filings [Updated] [OC] [OC] The Rise of Mobile Gaming How to read an MSDS Lifehacks from 100 years ago Average Meal Size in Restaurant since 1950's Financial subreddits guide How much would it cost to build the Millennium Falcon? 5 Classey Marc Jacobs Perfumes You Must Try Atleast Once 14 defunct car brands and why they went out of business. I logged all the IP addresses which tried to bruteforce one of my servers for three months, then I mapped them to figure out who the baddies are...[OC] The most deadly highways in the United States calculated by traffic fatalities per mile of roadway 300 days of a baby’s sleeping data [OC] Parents say I never call, so I visualized the last year of call data... [OC] The British Empire, at its territorial peak in 1922, covered nearly the same surface area as the Moon [OC] [x-post r-DataArt] Is Your Startup Idea Already Taken? Historical Colors Paths of 800 unmanned bicycles being pushed until they fall over This graph of # of Lottery winners vs tickets sold is quite dashing. The Total Price of Train Simulator DLC. The most expensive game on Steam [OC] YSK How to cook good cheap food A visualisation of black people's experience in America. Champagne (and one Prosecco!) Cocktails Popular girl baby names since 1960 Seinfeld: Percent of words per character per season [OC] [OC] A map of every star you can see from Earth I tracked my daughter's first words from 12-18 months [OC] How to Speak Dog A Manager's Guide to Delivering Bad News macOS Catalina problems and fixes Global guide for homosexual legality and acceptance. Most Popular Unisex Names (1980-2017) [OC] UFO sightings by type since 1940 [OC] Which date format each country uses! I'll make a Science Summary for every month - here's for July How to solve a Rubik's cube The unprecedented increase in potential drilling in Trump's new offshore drilling plan [OC] Banned Books of the Past 5 Years (And Why They Were Challenged) Cognitive biases that screw up your decisions Products Made from Cattle [OC] Google trends data for 'iPhone slow' Vs. new iOS release dates Trump's Towers of Corruption: Mapping Alleged Money Laundering at Trump Hotels, Overlap with Convicted Criminals in Russia Ikigai: The Japanese Concept Of Finding Purpose In Life Suicide rates among persons aged 15 years and over, by sex and age: United States, 2006–2016 [OC] My typing speed over 3 years [OC] Monopolistic Companies Time saved by speeding for 10 miles & the corresponding speeding fines (Bexar County, TX) [OC] Leaked estimates of Steam player counts [OC] My Netflix viewing statistics so far [OC] Wow, some crazy stats here The worst countries for solo female travel based on the 50 most visited destinations around the world (2019) [OC] Explaining the different types of movie theater projection formats, how they crop, and what their resolutions (or digital resolution equivalents) are. Word Cloud of Yesterday's Announcements Comment Thread [OC] A guide to cooking and baking substitutions Manhattan neighborhoods The different types of coffee drinks [x-post r-food] Much of Canada and the upper midwest forecasted to be colder than Mars today [OC] A timeline of 101 Marvel character comic book debuts Ancient Currency - Coin Standards of the World's Empires A subway-style map of Ancient Rome's road network A look at old television test patterns, color bars and more For those looking to learn a new language Visualizing the human footprint [OC] Timeline of everything currently in Star Wars How Elon Musk Started 27 Foods and the Plants They Come From Difference between SSD & HDD Responsive Vs Adaptive Approaches to Web Development 80 Coffee Drinks from Around the World In celebration of World Cocktail Day (13 May), 78 cocktail recipes How much the US economy loses to wage theft vs. How much the economy loses to burglary, larceny, etc. How To Properly Wash Your Hands? (According to the WHO) The most lewd sounding town name in each state Evolution of Crayola How widespread is depression in the US? For your next research paper Free & Useful Software for Students Survival rate of various cancers depending on the stage at which the cancer is diagnosed Some Quotes By A Former World Number One, Serena Williams Uses of the word The Geography of the Dead: Mapping 93,000 of America's Graveyards and Cemeteries [OC] Mapping the most common road suffixes by county [OC] Fashion Timeline Of Vietnamese Clothing The gender composition of sketches on Saturday Night Live over time [OC] The age you peak at everything, according to science. How many square feet $500k can get you on average in major cities around the US Portland VS Seattle The number of job applications it took to become a Viz Practitioner [OC] Taylor Swift's Newfound Infatuation with Alcohol [OC] The scariest urban legends in each state How often the characters in the film 'A Quiet Place' spoke The shelf life of food The charted cheese wheel Voice + Amazon: How Alexa is disrupting brands A guide to Cognitive Biases A guide to... your pee San Francisco startup descriptions vs. Silicon Valley startup descriptions using Crunchbase data [OC] U.S. states renamed as countries with a similar sized economy Internet speed and cost by country [OC] 32 of the most bizarre deep-sea creatures discovered so far Total & unique number of words in song lyrics by genre [OC] We live in a World of.... New York City film locations Global levels of happiness and unhappiness according to the Gallup's 2018 Global Emotions Report The percentage of forest coverage in each US state ABCs of Melanoma: Guide to differentiating melanoma from a normal skin mole. 37 Apple Varieties of the World & their Flavor Profiles Why nutrition science is so confusing Where no one lives in the US. Fight Fake News -- an updated and comprehensive guide to news reputability The Sex Ratio of Regions in Europe [OC] How to Handle Customer Service During the Holidays the 6 types of socratic questions. If your like me and you have no idea about house types here's a guide Logical fallacies: 35 ways to lose an argument [OC] Egg Printing Explained The broad strokes of how a comic book is made Largest soccer stadium in each European country Men's Fashion Be a beer expert. The ACA's Postive Effect on Breastfeeding Outcomes 20 Cognitive Biases How to train your dog AND show them you love them 🐶💗 10 Things You Didn't Know About French The undersea cables wiring the Earth [3000x2160] (x-post from dataisbeautiful) A handy guide to all the different types of cheeses Every car James Bond has ever driven in order of appearance. Sushi Vs. Sashimi Vs. Nigiri Vs. Maki: What's The Difference? Wine varietal cheat sheet Airline Crash Fatalities 1985-2014 [OC] Fun facts about alcohol Annual Income of Top 1% of Earners, by State [OC] The Most Prolific Serial Killer In Every US State Different types of birds Heart rate during layoff [OC] Know Your Mushrooms NFL Teams, Sorted by Name What Causes and Protects Against Cancer Amazing infographic on camera filters Each section contains 10% of the world's population A history of Eastern Philosophy Radiation in Perspective Wanna learn a lil' something about sandwiches? You. Are. Star. Stuff 24 hours of global Internet activity [OC] The Korean War Armistice was signed July 27, 1953. Here's a map showing aerial bombings during the war. [OC] How to sleep when you are hurt. There was a sharp decline in the number of babies named 'Katrina' immediately following Hurricane Katrina [OC] Problem solving process [OC] Breaking Bad IMDb Rating Phases of the Moon calendar Top 10 asteroid close approaches Beginner’s guide to whiskey Taxonomy of polite swearing (UK) [OC] Job postings containing specific programming languages What if the Largest Countries had the Largest Populations? My Weight Loss in 2017 [OC] Months 3 to 17 of my baby's sleep and breastfeeding schedule [OC] (data collected manually and visualized in Excel) I wanted to know if my home town was getting hotter or if it just felt like it so I made this. It took forever. [OC] Death from Heart Disease in America [OC] World's Longest Sniper Kill, Myth and Wonder Map of the human body Guide to safe food storage time lengths. Avoid accidentally poisoning yourself, or worse, throwing money in the garbage due to uncertainty. Mummy Brown* and Other Historical Colors 45 terrifying mythical creatures from around the world. Google's autocomplete visualized like a graph. Link to the tool in the comments [OC] Which beverages have the most caffeine per ounce? (includes energy drinks, coffee, tea, soda, etc.) My weight loss over 126 weeks [OC] [OC] Intentional Homicide Rate in Europe David Bowie's most iconic looks. 37 Fictional Drugs and Substances: A look at the crazy drugs that only exist in literature, TV, and film How To: Solve A Rubik's Cube Almost all men are stronger than almost all women [OC] The Anatomy of a High-Performing PPC Ad Color Emotion Guide ~80% of the 50 largest public companies are connected to one another through 1 or more shared board member(s) [OC] Mexican chili peppers: Fresh vs. Roasted The 25 Highest-Grossing Media Franchises of All Time Vaccines Work Infographic: the impact of vaccines in the last century in England and Wales (Public Health England) How to propely close a bag of chips Blood Type Distribution in the United States [OC] Guide to the name of various types of Russian cats A really cool guide i ve seen in r-bartenders recently for cocktails The Highly Skewed Gender Dynamics of Reddit's Most Popular Online Dating Sub, r-r4r (OC) Beginner's Guide to Wine Low Brow vs High Brow (Life Magazine 1949) Scotland as a US state A rough estimate of wealth distribution I pet my 3 cats as much as they wanted for a week (and charted it!) [OC] U.S. states renamed for countries with similarly sized economies 128 Words to Use Instead of An overview of Lovecraft‘s creations Guide to bodyweight training President's Favorite Foods According to OpenStreetMap, there are 2018 Banks in Switzerland [OC] guide on 90s emoticons and slang 2013 NFL Opponents (x-post from r-NFL) The Strategy Behind Google's Most Expensive Acquisitions In case you are interested in the Brexit! A list of the Richest Person from each State and how they got there Peak time for sports and leisure [OC] What Matters Most To People Around The World Max travel distance per X hours in a mountainous area (hackathon project at [OC] New map of aerosol components shows Hurricane Lane, North American Wildfires, dust from the Sahara reaching Portugal and Spain, and two typhoons in the West Pacific [OC] U.S. fatal drunk driving accidents in 2016 by day of week and time [OC] 6 Months of where I've spent my nights after starting a new job [OC] Which programming language should I learn first? Timeline Infographic: Celebrating 30 Years of the World Wide Web Types of Pencil Google searches for Hunger Games Seattle Library Checkouts Over Time [OC] 3 Month Job Search [OC] Measles Cases in the USA, 1944-Present [OC] UK Steam locomotive headlamp codes Elements in fireworks How to display art in your home Temperature regulation of Raspberry Pi 4B cases [OC] Vegetation intensity throughout the year for Africa [OC] How Americans spend their free time, by income How To Get Rid Of Skunk Smell Rate of global temperature increases (gif). A Guide To Different Types Of Perfumes The Best Web Development Tools to Create Responsiveness How to look and sound more confident Real time stock dashboard in Excel [OC] My child's first year dealing with leukaemia The US economy by State. 30 Quotes Guaranteed To Make You Fall In Love With Lifelong Learning Tools: What Companies Make Which Brands [OC] My heart rate watching my SO leave the country [OC] Updated my alchemy-themed mapping of beer-wine-spirits. Thanks for the feedback last time, open for more! [OC] Every country’s tourism slogan Understanding Logo Design Brief What would happen if you didn't sleep Donations to Senators from Telecom Industry [OC] Which programming language you should learn [Infographic] 18 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Resume How Pinterest Started Cities With the Worst-Maintained Roads in the United States The heartbeat of a region: Accessibility (5,10,15,20,25 and 30min, car traffic) from Berlin (Germany) and surrounding towns on a typical Friday [OC] How the angle of the sun varies across the world throughout the year [OC] The Temple of Time (1846): 4000 years of important people and empires visualized as a colourful temple. Each stone column marks a century. A Visual Guide to Logical Fallacies A comparison of North and South Korea Great for traveling Number of movies per decade in top 100 list [OC] The Chemistry of Firework Colors 52 Of The World's Most Widespread Myths And Misconceptions Max hiking distance per X hours in a mountainous area (by [OC] 128 Words to Use Instead of Suicide Warning Signs and Risk Factors Everyone Should Know The colors of Mister Rogers’ cardigan sweaters, 1979-2001 Distribution of First-Last Name Initials for Residents of My University Sativa vs. Indica cannabis U.S. Mass Shootings since Columbine Psychological Manipulation What kind of beer are you? Different Color terms How Much Water It Takes To Grow Some Common Crops Population distribution of France [OC] What the Ramones wanna - what the Misfits want British vs American English: 63 differences Where the Falcon Heavy stands on the scale versus Saturn V How to identify different penguins Solving a Rubiks’s cube The Most Popular Fast Food Chain In Every State Just in case you wanted to do some matter phase changes. Octopus sex What is Last Mile Delivery? The official Percentage of US workers who are male, by sector (2012) Types of logical fallacies The Joys of Working From Home 100 free tools to do your own marketing by crello. Common Misconceptions Kickass Ketchups Olympic Winter Games Torches Car Industry Explained Millennials' Spending and Investing Habits by the Numbers Minecraft sales Brief evolution of European armor If Retail Companies Were Pac-Men Tax credits in the Republican Healthcare plan compared with Obamacare 20 Common Ways We Make Bad Decisions: A List of Cognitive Biases How Your New Office Can Help You Start Strong This 2019 Doing a 50 mile charity ride and my wife wanted to know when to pick me up, so I sent her this [OC] The Economics of Disney buying Marvel 10 years ago [OC] Weight gain Google searches for Rebecca Black peak on Fridays, but this trend has been diminishing since 2014. [OC] How to google like a pro The different levels of light pollution Cognitive Biases Manipulating units in physics Media reportage of the Egypt crisis In 2014, an average of 20 Veterans died from suicide each day [OC] The Best And Worst Science News Sites Samurai Armor Details by Barret Thomson Walking distance to the nearest pub [OC] The guide to this places burgers... Different types of head coverings worn by Muslim women Total WORDS spoken by each main character of The Office [OC] This Chart Shows Which States Produce the Most Wind Energy The facts about melting cheese Choosing a proper seasoning Made this for my bf on our one year anniversary [OC] Just released a hockey game on Steam where you can pick your player number. Here are the results. [OC] [OC] The periodic table of Jeopardy!: how many times each chemical element has been a correct answer to a clue since 1984 Handy Guide For Writing A Resume Four relationship killers and how to challenge them NO2 emissions from 1997 to 2011 in North America and East Asia [OC] Visualizing the Jobs Lost to Automation Vitamins cheat sheet [OC] The growth of reddit (Interactive Demo in Comments) Cool guide for learning where your milk is coming from (America) The Most Searched Plastic Surgery Procedure in Each State Morse Code for Survival Most frequently used words in Trump tweets [OC] Order of adjectives Since it’s back to school time, here are useful algebraic equations. Map showing the different peoples living in the arctic circle 6 Types of Bosses (and how to work for them) What types of leather jackets are there? An Egyptian God Family Tree Atheism in Europe [OC] America's Most Visited National Parks in 2018 The evolution of data storage. The NATO Alphabet The Abundance of Stuff in the Universe Guide to some Greek and Roman gods The companies with the highest revenue in the US (2014 & 2015) and around the world (2010-2014) Doomsday: Would you Survive? (Nat Geo Channel) How Bill Gates started. All the ships of the British Navy – 1939 Prevailing Cartoon Styles per Decade since the 1960s Concern vs Media vs Reality (Remix-Redesign) [OC] Cool wrist stretching guide. Evolution of Captain America Heatmap of attempted SSH logins on my server [OC] The City is Alive: The Population of Manhattan, Hour-by-Hour [OC] Types of Forex Traders (The Quiz is in Comments) Total Line Count Of Main Characters in The Office [OC] Four ways to use color I recorded my travels as a professional truck driver since 2012. 12 myths about sex How to Open a Champagne Bottle With a Saber The meaning behind famous symbols. What Are The Pros And Cons Of Frontend Web Development Favorite food of world leaders I got a dataset of 4240 galaxies, and calculated the age of the universe. My value came close at 14.77 billion years. How-to in comments. [OC] Periodic [OC] Classic cocktails and how to make them 7 Video Trends And Statistics For Content That Stands Out In 2019 Not the most interesting, but I like it How to make 14 different pasta sauces Murderers of Marvel Gasoline cost per gallon of every fill-up since my car was purchased new in 2004 [OC] 9 easy DIY spice blends Common MythConceptions MDMA's Effects Mapping Mexican chain restaurants [OC] Words to use instead of Here’s who owns everything in Big Media today How to use google more efficiently Real time speed of deforestation of the Amazon Rain forest shown over a football pitch [OC] How to clean and season a cast iron skillet 31 Chinese cities with economies as big as countries Map of the seven infrastructure mega-regions in the U.S. 5 Tips to Grip Your AC Life Distance between highest and lowest points in each US state [OC] What your dog is trying to tell you. The 11 companies that own everything Old school infographic displaying the maximum extent of Operation Barbarossa, but overlaid over the continental US. Guide to folding clothes in a way that saves space A detailed timeline of the movement Simple word cloud from writing I did for my girlfriend, who passed a bit over a year ago [OC] Men’s dress codes - Decoded Price changes in textbooks versus recreational books over the past 15 years [OC] 10 countries that drink the most coffee Reddit markdown codes Dragon Ball Character Name Origins The Evolution of the PlayStation Controller Theories on why we haven’t found alien life yet Russians and their alcohol Diagnosing an engine based on spark plugs Act F.A.S.T. Visualization of Time The evolution of tech logos [Credit Visziononline via] Immigration to America: Harder than I thought. Colour Theory The Manual Alphabet Inspiration from Disney Villains: Oddly Motivational Quotes from Disney's Top Baddies [OC] RI - Distance to Nearest Dunkin' Wood scales The 15 corporations that create most cars 26 code words in the Phonetic Alphabet Where in your mouth English letters are formed Income distributions in Americans' pastimes [OC] Vienna subway map vs actual geography (inspired by -u-vinnivinnivinni) [OC] Disney cuteness A handy guide to understanding the different Logical Fallacies How to Build a Human TV Show IMDb User Rating Trajectories [OC] Internet Communities Popularity on Google Trends [OC] How an AT-AT works High-Speed Rail vs. Other types of transportation World Record running pace by distance [OC] Understanding the difference between 'i.e.' and 'e.g.' Guide to which plant is best to filter out pollutants in the air How to use he elements in the periodic table Marvel films in chronological order With the conclusion of the US Open, combined faces for top 102 tennis players [OC] How to chop an onion like a chef Graph of my GPA per semester in college (x-post -r-bipolar) [OC] Boston Marathon runners hustling to reach the 4 hour mark [OC] 96% of the Quran is now tweetable with the new 280 character limit (inspired by the tweetable Bible graph) [OC] The Happiest Countries In The World 2017 Big Companies that have World-Class Offices in the Philippines' BGC A Traveller’s Guide to Tap Water All Formula 1 world champions by their nationality [OC] How to visualize traffic flow with dynamic 2d histogram in Python[OC] The Distribution of Wealth in the United States 147 Words to use instead of 'very' Probability of a Reddit post receiving an award based on the number of upvotes [OC] Star Wars, droids and machines and their real-life counterparts How to Properly Pack Food for Delivery My first attempt at an info graphic. Because dogs are part of the family.😌 Old Naval Sonar Guide In honour of the grand national today, a guide to horse colours! How many days of food can you purchase with $100 USD? (540 Cities) [OC] How to Solder U.S. Cities ranked by the frequency of Registered Sex Offenders The world of computer programming Wish I had this guide, 5 minutes after I watched Inception the 1st time Environmental Cost of various “milk” products For those of you who want to learn everything How old do fish get? The highest, lowest, and average elevation in each U.S. state (charted to scale) How to decide faster Your ultimate home cleaning routine [infographic] How to Break Down a Door Heartbreak and Google Trends Search Data [OC] Visualisation of words spoken between Romeo and Juliet characters [OC] The cores of planets how to meditate. (x-post fron r-meditation) Learn to read Russian in 15 minutes Guide to cooking methods Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts The World's Largest Companies by Revenue in 2019 Fighter plane comparisons guide [1000 × 10000] Here’s What It Takes To Burn Off The Calories In Junk Food I drew my home network as a Metro map [OC] [crosspost -r-homelab Abdominal pain cheat sheet Inside the White House [OC] Education and Unemployment by County Hoverboard Weight Limit: Why You Need to Pay Attention to This This general store sign showing that there is actually a difference between jelly and jam Overcome Procrastination Game of Thrones: All you need to know before Season 7 starts - Infographic Same Sex Marriage Laws in the USA 1995-2015 [OC] Black Sabbath The ABC’s of sign language The Refrigerator Demystified - How to *efficiently* use your fridge The Ungoverned World in 2015 A brief guide; initialisms of Reddit How to make an igloo What is happening to the price of oil? The 35 Most Powerful Militaries In The World 30 Years of Data Reveals the Ever-changing Course of the Padma River [OC] Pictorial map of Silicon Valley, showing many of the companies inhabiting Silicon Valley in 1982. How to take notes effectively in class The most visited websites worldwide [OC] An unusual and quite extraordinary view of famous Piccadilly Circus' Underground station in London - Made by Renzo Picasso in 1929 A nice guide for improving writing skills The changing size of clothes sizes Ikigai - now very complete The flora and fauna you can find in New York City [OC] Google searches for An atmospheric river just spanned the entire Pacific. This map shows it in action over the course of 11 days. [OC] [OC] My hunt for Internships and Full Time jobs as a CS Grad Student over last 16 months Years of Income Needed to Pay off a House [OC] Democracy Index and the Word “Democratic” in the Name of the Country [OC] How to perfectly boil an egg (from boiling water). A terrific infographic from r-vexillology. Presidential Tweet Bias Of Media Organizations Since Inauguration [OC] How to do a proper squat A very important guide, that I believe almost everyone will need at one point in their life Changi Jewel, newly opened facility at Singapore Changi Airport World flags Illustration of the wingbeats of different animals. -by Elanor Lutz of Tabletop Whale. Logo Evolution of Famous Brands Dollar No More - Countries including Russia, China, India and Turkey, that have switched from USD to national currencies in international trade * -r-postnationalist How are guns being used by citizens in America each year? (x-post -r-conspiracy) Measuring Hollywood's Mightiest Vertically Challenged People Number of Subscribers by State Subreddit [OC] What it takes to get 6-Packs! Rate of Executive Orders per President [OC] The world if there were only 100 people Japanese notion of Ikigai Shark vs Mosquito Paid Parental Leave - U.S. vs The World Updated for 2016: This is Every United States Presidential Election Result since 1789 [OC] Learn How To Solve A Rubik's Cube Top Words in Billboard Hot 100 Songs Titles by Decade [OC] Skin Colour Map The net worth (in today's dollars) and salaries of all of the U.S. Presidents The Art and Science Behind Personal Branding Online. Control What Others See When They Google Your Name Professionally and Socially. Anatomy of a fake job offer email Top 25 Subreddits by Highest Upvoted Post [OC] Spices Guide to stir-frying Rhythm guide A Comprehensive Guide to Yellow Stripey Things An interesting beginners guide to Wine How to use he elements in the periodic table Fraction of Total Videogame Sales by Genre [OC] Average word length for NYTimes Crossword answers, 1994-2017 [OC] I made a guide explaining the origins behind some mushroom names Good infographic from CNN showing the players associated with the Russia story. i dont if it has been posted here before Map of top 3 autocomplete searches for Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names A Look at Breastfeeding at Work Guide to 2018 astronomy Bouldering guide The 2nd Largest Nationality Living in Each European Country This is Depth of our Ocean 10 Things You Did Not Know in Spanish All the ways to tie a tie How to identify different penguins Nike's latest financial quarter, visualised. [OC] Stoner's mix and match guide How are you feeling Just over 5 weeks until Brexit. A quick reminder of how that fateful referendum result came to be. [OC] An illustrated guide to which TV shows have killed off the most characters The World’s Most Valuable Brands By Country In 2017 How to build a campfire the right way Have you ever sat on the beach and wondered what country is directly across the ocean from you? (Image in Spanish) The World's Most Valuable Brands [OC] Now you won't make a misteak Distribution of digits generated by Java's random number function [OC] Phrases to make your essay longer Guide to some basic sauces [OC] Which cities are the best deals? Quality of Life and Cost of Living Around the World How U.S. Bridges Stack Up: 25 of America’s Famous Bridges Ranked By Length How to remove a bird from your house. Search volume for International Men's Day peaks every International Women's Day. [OC] but this phenomenon has been visualised many times before by others! Latin Phrases You Should Know But Are Too Afraid To Ask What They Mean The way focal length of the lens affects the shape of your face in a portrait This pictograph is a great illustration of the South When to take which painkiller My mood every day during 2018 compared to 2017 Different units of soldiers. Simple and basic on History of Philosophy Combined face of top 500 UFC fighters (Male) [OC] Rick and Morty Ratings Heatmap [OC] The percentage of forest cover by state What success looks like Wear shoes like a pro Tree of languages Cycling route plotted on realistic 3D map [OC] Shortcut keys All You Need to Know About Catholic Hats Serif vs. Sans - The Final Battle Most popular sandwiches in the world with recipe infographics How 10 year average global temperature compares to 1851 to 1900 average global temperature [OC] Good to know [OC] The lumberjack incident, how Dexter ended the series with a rating of a whooping 4.7. Guide to Efficient Packing The ultimate cheat sheet for vegetable growing Pokemon Types Distribution by Region [OC] Family Naming Systems and Conventions Throughout the World [OC] If humans evolved from monkeys, then why are there still monkeys? 20 most expensive ingredients in the world Preferred alcoholic beverage by country in Europe: 1990 vs. 2015 [OC] Roy Moore vs. Ideas to market hotels during the holiday season A Graph of the Collatz Conjecture: How the first 1000 numbers reach 1 [OC] Security tokens offering - Blockchain App Factory 5 hobbies that make you smart House price, wage and cost of living changes in key EU countries - 1990-2017 The availability of three character usernames on Reddit [OC] I read 200 TIFU posts and recorded when the FUs happened. Graphed on Excel. [OC] Traditional Wedding Attire Around the World AT&T Merger History 40 types of pizza I thought something like this would be here already, its not. I checked. Government's debts Every Product That Apple Has Made So Far (1976-2018) How to find (almost) anything on Google Facts about Supressors Various hand shadows How Long Animals Live: The Life Spans of 50 Animals San Francisco’s intersections Map of shout-outs at the Beginning of “Real N**** Roll Call How license plates have evolved in the past 50 years in every state. Guide to scents The Gentleman's Guide to Amputation Puppy sleep patterns I recorded every hour of my 2018 (and 17) [OC] Guide to helmet design development throughout history Minecraft dyes What happens in an internet minute [OC] Which countries contribute a greater proportion of global CO2 emissions than they contribute to global GDP? Ocean depth scale in the Mariana Trench Infographic - EU-Vietnam trade [Council of the EU] I made my first infographic from the information I found on the back of a toiletpaper multipack. My progress over 10000 Rubik's cube solves. [OC] The Hipster Logo Design Guide Countries military budgets visualized Photography cheat sheet Zero waste! Most representative country flag per continent [OC] Correlation vs. Causation: Number of IKEA Stores vs. Number of Nobel Laureates per country [OC] The not-planets of the solar system Finally clearing up the confusion of what second cousin’s once removed and others are Types of clouds Two Exact Same Post Getting Different Upvotes on Dataisbeautiful, One was Hot Post after 2 hours. Is it Luck or Skill that Affects whether a Post is Successful? [OC] My dad who is a independent knife sharpener, made this. Common Misconceptions Getting into the Netflix series ‘Black Mirror’. How To Moonwalk in 5 Simple Steps (animated) How colourblind people see Preventative Maintenance for Your Car The Shapes of Stories Top 50 Largest Corporations by Revenue [OC] Which actors does a director like casting the most? The plot of Macbeth, visualized Laundry symbols A plot of objects which were found to be Thinking fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman - summary Heart rate during conference presentation - with beta-blockers [OC] Donald Trump paid 63% less for each electoral vote than Hillary Clinton [OC] Stop the I built a tool to visualize WhatsApp chats! Here is the result of the chat history with my girlfriend! [OC] Refugees arriving in the United States of America by Origin and Year (2002 - 2018) [OC] Sprinkler system color bulb explanation. Each color bulb is set to burst at different temperatures. Length of land and sea at each degree of latitude [OC] Infographic to show Sources of Omega-3 The Difference Between Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing @-the.holistic.psychologist is my favorite insta account Best selling fiction books of all time [OC] How to jump a car How support for solar is actually bipartisan Amazing Animals & Their Sleep Habits Just how free is free speech? The Anatomy of the Head and Neck in the style of the London Underground [OC] The comparison between US President and UK Prime Minister motorcades. Use these secret codes to access Netflix hidden categories Different types of headscarf How Germans name animals 50 iconic movie makeup and CGI transformations How your mouth processes words 20 Common Metal Alloys and What They Are Made Of Energy Efficiency in Transportation [OC] Common Sense Airport Hacks To Make Flying Suck Less How To Look Confident Even When You're Not 15 ways to overcome procrastination It’s coffee o’clock The ultimate Banana Guide What 200 calories of different food looks like Animating the legalization of Marijuana in the United States 1995 - 2019 [OC] Words per song for rap, rock, and country music [OC] History of Programming languages Maslow's hierarchy adapted for dogs Bank's Money-Making Machine (InfoGraphic) The Melting Points of 80 Elements, Substances, and Metal Alloys The highest grossing movie, by year, every year since Jaws (1975) When fruits are in season Who is Searching for a Prostitute Online? A Guide: 4.000 Years of History 7 Industries That Need Same Day Delivery Services Simple explains to complex equations 24 hours of marine traffic on the Baltic Sea [OC] Estimated number of islands by country - Sweden really ran away with it. The 20 Biggest Bankruptcies in United States History Costume Evolution: Storm Troopers Theme Vs Custom Web Development | Which One’s Better? Coffee, tea, and soda ranked by caffeine per ounce Animated optimal routes from San Francisco to ~2000 locations in the U.S. [OC] How To Give A Sharp Whistle Cost of Owning a SodaStream vs Buying Cans of Seltzer [OC] Ebola in Africa, a handy visualization Physical exercise performed 4 hours after learning improves memory retention Dangerous Spider Bites and the Symptoms They Cause Brands ranking by 1000 teens The Chemistry of Firework Colours You should know Most asked job interview questions and how to answer them Types of pasta guide Hobo symbols 10 Famous Logo Shifts of 2014 I have to go to the bathroom! | Peeing & pooping around the globe Two month's worth of pain after IUD insertion [OC] Budapest pub density map [OC] Countries that appeared most frequently in NYT headlines each month since 1900 [OC] Kind of terrifying graphic on how many people died in car accidents over the last century [OC] Heatmap of the most pixels changes happend on r-place City maps from Airbnb location ratings [OC] [2123x2123] Bikini season is upon us folks I Played Tic-Tac-Toe with 200 people, data of their first move [OC] $6MM Of Hair Donations Unaccounted For By Locks Of Love Each Year The facts about autism and vaccines Who is The Simpsons main side character? [OC] Most popular sandwiches in the world with recipe infographics This library hung a Dewey Decimal reference sign for “everything you want to know, but don’t really want to ask” 50 years of Academy Award-winning costume design Nanotechnology Patents in the United States and Beyond [OC] 11 Months of a Lone Wolf's Travels in Northern Minnesota from GPS-collar that Took Locations Every 20 Minutes. Total Miles Traveled: 2,774 miles. How To Get THICC The Reach of North Korean Missiles Choosing colors for designs Where Californians move to when they leave CA [OC] Colour Dressing Guide Top 7 great questions to ask your interviewer Heatmap of numbers found at the end of Reddit usernames [OC] Every Company Disney Owns: A Map of Disney's Worldwide Assets [OS] by TitleMax Minimum number of moves to reach each square by a chess piece [OC] Where should you post that? Searches for International Men's Day peak every International Women's Day [OC] The Wealthiest People of History & What They Would Make in Today's Dollars The Meaning of Life according to different philosophers Quarter Life Crisis [Infographic] Lexical Similarity of selected Romance, Germanic, and Slavic languages [OC] 12 Myths about Sex Martial Art Styles used in Avatar: The Last Air Bender Cardiac Related Deaths During 2013 in the Contiguous USA Compared to Waffle House Locations. (Follow up to previous post) [OC] When to eat a banana Heatmap of my Location During Last 2 Years Living in Austin, Texas [OC] Cat and dog years converted to human ages Female Breadwinners on the Rise: Trends, Issues & Tips Antidepressants: Risks, and Limitations. How people interpret probabilistic words [Infographic]These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America Cultural iceberg: your guide to surface and deep culture Evolutionary Tree of Religion My favorite times to watch Netflix (and other embarrassing stats) [OC] Bancrofts' pictorial chart of geographical definitions, 1870 Dining Etiquette 101 Every shot LeBron James has ever attempted [OC] A 30-Minute Bodyweight Workout [OC] Percent of Air Per Bag of Chips Guide to flavoring with spices How Does BlockChain Work? Hoes in area codes - Ludacris Wolves' geographic information Ratio of land and sea at different latitudes [OC] Guide to logical fallacies Banned Books of the Past 5 Years (And Why They Were Challenged) Lighting Guide Die Hard debate settled once and for all... up to 5x the search volume in December. [OC] from Instagram @chartrdaily which I run. Internetspeed me and my roommates pay and what we receive [OC] How to remove tourists from a picture The Car Brand Map: which companies own which brands? The difference between Know Your Drones! 119 Facts You Didn't Know About Email Marketing At what age do members of the opposite sex look best to men and women The Midwest - according to 100 maps published by the following organisations: Letter and next-letter frequencies in English [OC] Nintendo Sales normalized by lifetime [OC] Using StopAd AI to Analyze More Than 21,685 Banners on TOP-100 Websites Barber shop style guide late 70’s Live chart of global sea ice shows 2016 falling way below any other year Crow vs Raven total prison population by country How To Taste A Wine [Gifographic] A guide to different types of tires and what they're for A guide to ports Guide to popular spice blends The Wealthiest People of History & What They Would Make in Today's Dollars The richest people in history Only the roads of Great Britain [OC] Stop Buying Bottled Water Hacks to transform your Ramen into a gourmet meal Elements of Film Noir The human bodily systems as a transit map This 311 megapixel image of electromagnetic spectrum How to make perfect pancakes We Didn't Start the Fire: a pictorial chronology [OC] Simple guide to staying healthy How the darknet is growing and what products are sold there Escher's impossible triangle step by step Animated world population 1950-2100. [OC] A Cool Guide to Making Money Non-Traditionally How to set up a VPN Cognitive Biases ( Worlds Tallest Buildings as of 1884 (x-post from -r-MapPorn) The best sleeping positions when you are injured. That pack of brushes my sister got me for Christmas has a usage guide on the back. Merry Christmas, y'all! Tautologies across the world [OC] Popularity of the words 'Doot' and 'Spook' in r-dankmemes post titles WordCloud of Homer Simpson (Season 1-27) [OC] Where the Dutch live, a dot for every inhabitant of the Netherlands [OC] If land were divided like wealth (wealth inequality) Annual Kills by Animal Type Morse Code Guide The Psychology of Color in Popular Films A World Of Languages IoT Programming Essential Job Skills Languages that Don't Involve Speaking or Talking The Fastest- and Slowest-Growing Metropolitan Areas in the U.S. Biggest movie sets of all time Visual Storytelling: Camera Cheat Sheet for Storyboards How to identify poison ivy 147 words you can use instead of using What else could we buy with the $1.5 Trillion spent on the F35 fighter? Massive Poster Details Humanity's Missions Through the Universe So Far Names for different kinds of chillies Anatomy of a giant How Often do Americans, that don't believe in God, go to Church? [OC] [OC] My 28 Days on Tinder Cold vs Flu All 153 Disses on Eminem's album Kamikaze Counted and Categorized [OC] Putting Opioids in Perspective Data Fallacies Reddit 2014 The Brain of a Serial Killer The origins of New York City's immigrants over the past 50 years. How to build a campfire (x-post r-howto) The 50 Most Common Jobs and their likelihood of automation Ancient Greek hairstyles Optimal routes from the geographic center of the U.S. to all counties [OC] Average search interest in The companies that hired the most in 2017 The Secret of Success from the Perspective of the Rich, Middle Class & Poor [OC] How the United States has become its own worst nightmare [OC] Which countries produce a greater proportion of global CO2 emissions than their proportion of the global population? The counties where fidget spinners are purchased the most online per capita [OC] Electric Vehicle In Operation + Projections Map of MLB Food Group Macros [OC] Claw sizes among various species [OC] I Baked up a Deep Neural Network to Predict the Outcome of the Great British Bake Off Greek gods family tree [OC] A look at some popular films series and their ratings. Part 2: The Revenge Ever wondered what are the differences between these full breakfasts? Visualize the Entire Global Economy in One Chart I made a guide explaining rare types of punctuation The US's biggest imports and exports The Disney Empire 5 Reasons why people love solo travel - CollectOffers HK [OC] [OC] Trump's most tweeted words: A word cloud of 36K tweets The size of a lethal dose of heroin, compared to fentanyl and carfentanil Fastest animals in the world, properly scaled [OC] What Can Online Loans Offer That In-Store Loans Can't How to make money without a job The world as 100 people over last two centuries Wood Scales A handy guide to all the different types of cheeses Top Mexican Imports to the United States Visual Guide of Quick & Easy Color Combinations 7 wonders of the ancient world Different forms of intelligence Who Owns Your News? The Top 100 Digital News Outlets and Their Ownership Life expectancy difference between men and women from various countries over time [OC] Population distribution in Canada [OC] So you need a typeface? How to Guide to sealing wax etiquette [OC] My wife and I finally have my 18 month old on a consistent sleep schedule! Data from the month of April. Incidence of Autism in 657,461 Danish Children: Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated [OC] [OC] Daily Food Availability Of The United States (Grams) Music Rhythms in Latin America Understanding relationships like The top-earning dead celebrities over the past 5 years (The only constant is that Michael Jackson has the number 1 spot throughout) Can my dog eat this? Leonardo DiCaprio basically treats women like car leases What Happens in an Internet Minute The Shapes of Stories by Kurt Vonnegut Companies Disney owns. The hazmat diamond explained How Old Are The Employees at Top Tech Companies Homemade water filter How to wear a scarf (not mine but I noticed it hasn’t been posted yet) How To Live To 100 I compared 100 years of hurricane paths vs. Georgia animated by -u-Tjukanov [OC]-ish Useful Websites Sports Seasons How Americans spend each hour of the day, mapped with Bureau of Labor Statistics data. Cheap Ways to be Healthier Cool guide to mythical creatures! Software Updates: A Visual Comparison Of Support Lifetimes For iOS vs. Nexus Devices [OC] The etymology of coffee [OC] An ADHD look at ADHD The history of same-sex marriage in the United States in one GIF [OC] A Simple Guide to Understanding Tech Support Jargon 20 overnight oats recipes for easy meal prep. Restaurants with the most yelp reviews in the biggest city of every state. The Ultimate Guide to Stir-Frying How to Speak American Different types of 3.5mm audio jacks Number of people ever lived on earth vs Number of people living on earth. How to use a watch to find South. Instagram vs. Snapchat stories (daily users). [OC] Telling apart some common sword types 10 places to see before they're gone Out of this world Everything That Amazon Has Owned Or Invested In Since 1998 10 Largest Countries by Population [OC] Version 2 of The United States by the Tallest Building in Each State The world as 100 people How Many Sharks Do Humans Kill Per Hour? Indoor plants for better quality air [OC] Film Genre Popularity 1910-2018 Average face of a CEO The Good Book Of Colors: The Essential Guide For Business! Easy way to understand surgical terms Anxiety Statistics U.S and Worldwide Carbs Are Killing You: Eating Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat The Best Parks and Recreation Graph You’ll Ever See. Social media keyboard shortcuts [OC] More Cows Than People? How to Fillet a Fish. The Temperature of the World since 1850 [OC] Turned my repeating DNA sequence into a 3D Model [OC] [OC] My internship hunt for the summer of 2019 as an Aerospace Engineering major What Google knows about the average person [Game] Every Choice and Ending in The Stanley Parable [OC] (xpost r-stanleyparable) [OC] My Boss’s Shirt Color Infographic: How Much Could You Earn From a Commercial Biomass Boiler? A handy guide for understanding monotheistic religions I sold 7 Bitcoin last month, here is how I've used the money [OC] This World Map Shows Where Press Freedom Is Strongest And Weakest Cool muscle guide Airport Marshalling Signals Guide to flavoring with fresh herbs New research shows that the World's most feared country is the US - Credits to: Joe Hammer (Youtube) Top 15 Subreddits for Use of Variations on the Words Combat Vehicles of the U.S Military the facts on melting cheese 🧀 Where are home shoppers looking to move to and move from? This blood test can tell you every virus you’ve ever had The most famous dead individuals born in each US state-territory according to Wikipedia [OC] Animated map shows location of world's largest city over 4000 years [OC] [OC] A History of One Hit Wonders Top 20 Words Tweeted by @realDonaldTrump over 12 months [OC] Marvel Cinematic Universe: 2008-2018 (pre-Infinity War) [OC] Which of the 9 Types of Intelligence do you possess? Wile E. Coyote ACME products. Computer connectors and ports. Male Masturbation by Numbers The Top 50 Girls' Names of 2018: Popularity Since 1880 [OC] 16 Hollywood Faces Destroyed by Drugs How They Are Connected to the President Game of Thrones infographic - All you need to know before Season 7 starts The Game of Democracy in America- Campaign Finance Edition Who Gets Thanked at The Oscars? [OC] Best Arm Exercises Infographic: Entrepreneurs By the Numbers by Wall Street Journal Guide to the cultural regions of America No more beaches in 2100? (Why the World is running out of sand) World most deadly animals Quick & Easy color combinations for Men's clothing The short graphical comparison of the military strengths of the USA and North Korea Weirdest medical billing codes in the U.S Since it’s becoming legal in some places, here’s a cool guide to Cannabis. The Future of Technical Support Outsourcing: Top Trends and Things to Know A Basic Guide On The Various Graphics Options The Average Yard Size of Each State The density of different liquids Stephen Hawking’s Resume Proves You’re Not Smart and You’re Boring Too The geopolitical situation in Syria as of January 7, 2019. How Much Is Your Body Worth On The Black Market? Different types of french fries USA Map that shows overall population change between 2014 and 2015 How to Build a Snow Shelter World most expensive cities Which Pokemon do trainers have in their teams? How many are actually used? [OC] Dessert guide 🥧 The most popular amusement parks by attendance 2006 vs 2016 Percentage of Students Who Achieved Each Grade in 2017 by Subject [OC] China's social credit system Origami X-Wing. You can thank me later. Maximum US posted speed limits by state Where People Are Most Willing to Donate Blood Most Expensive Construction Projects in History [OC] The top 4 most common passwords account for 1% of all passwords (from 1.4B password corpus) [OC] Every Possible Emotional Overlap in Inside Out What Apple could buy with its cash reserves. [OC] [OC] A graph of how many times Ted Cruz has included the phrase People killed by sharks per year vs. Sharks killed by people per hour Cosmic Journeys Highest Grossing Media Franchises [OC] Suicide Rate in Australia By Sex and Age for the last 100 Years [OC] Pornhub 2018 big numbers Look at this handy little guide The Illusion Of Choice Iconic movie character transformations Time Period of the word OS X El Capitan License: in Plain English Kowloon City How likely you are to die from different activities and behaviors Christopher Nolan's Diagram of Inception 55 Popular Diet Swaps to satisfy every craving 68 Facial hair styles for men: The most definitive, complete guide to facial hair and facial hair styles you’ll find at the moment Looking at Credit stuff and was wondering how accurate this was. How different light bulbs work: Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning illuminates the materials science behind various lighting options Songs have gotten louder over time [OC] Ignore the Made my first inforgraphic based on survey data we got from our internet spaceship guild. Please critique, literally my first one. [OC] Cause of Death - Reality vs. Google vs. Media [OC] MCU character appearances ahead of Endgame Stain Stain Go Away How 34 Different Animals survive through the winter [OC] US Population Projections by age through 2060 10 Ways to Protect Your House from Burglars A great guide on how to get the square root of numbers ending with 5! A calendar of all the eggs laid by one of our chickens [OC] 20 Cognitive Biases That Screw Up Your Decisions 10 Places to See Before They’re Gone Biggest Airlines in the United States [OC] [animation] How gas works in your car A guide to debate. 50 top cities to live in based on the Global Liveability Index, 2018 20 common metal alloys and what they are made of Ratings of religious groups by different age groups How logs are cut into lumber. Rome Metro vs actual geography [OC] Mammalian and avian global biomass - livestock vs wild How to break down a door A look at 15 everyday items and the relatively unknown inventors who made them Huge guide of viruses that infect humans (found on r-interestingasfuck) What Can a Control4 Home Automation System Do For You? Africa is the youngest continent The Shapes of Stories Submitted my thesis today. Here's what the chunk of paper is made of. [OC] Analysis of texts from a long distance relationship [OC] Cocktail Cheat sheet Star Wars: Film Ratings [OC] The Types Of Learners The 10 countries that lost the most surface area of woodland in the past 25 years American Baby Boys' Names You Don't Hear Anymore [OC] How to move to the USA Legally: A Simple Guide with the time each option would take Some Logical Fallacies Excel tricks to impress your boss [OC] World Perception on Vaccines Things that can't be copyrighted Animating the Mercator projection to the true size of each country in relation to all the others. [OC] Cool free and useful software. Death of a relationship [OC] Types of Hot dog How I Wrote My Master's Thesis [OC] Different types of wine Funny Money Idioms from Around the World 24 Facts On Beer Marvel Comics Height Comparison Chart The jobs of bees by age Search Google Like A Pro To help save the bees May choose option B, lol Tao Te Ching Codified - The Method of the INNER Kingdom How long, in minutes, you’d need to boil an egg to get its desired texture, from soft to hard-boiled. Stats of the first 151 pokemons, stacked to total [OC] How To Give A Sharp Whistle [OC] Upvotes over time for a reddit post An awesome guide for identifying emotions A Guide on How to Win an Argument What to look for when buying vegetables 10 Most Downvoted Reddit Comments [OC] Guide to seasoning, cleaning, and cooking with a cast iron skillet Marvel Cinematic Universe Viewing Order Hi my name is Rooster and my hobbies include making infographics based upon my interests that no one really needs (Here's one about gym etiquette). UK Electricity from Coal [OC] Like a virus invading SF: 70 years of >100k buildings in 7s [OC] Not mine, but minimalist color word guide Who Are The Under Banked? A quick look at the people who need Digital Currency the most Colorful Cousin Explainer [OC] An Overview of Contract Law How my salary of $11k per month is used in Seattle, WA, USA [OC] How to perform a J-turn in a car How to eat at Fast Food and Chain Restaurants for under 500 calories. How to Perfectly Optimize Your Website for Google? [Infographic] The unwritten laws of the Internet. Which pick do I need? 17 major differences in US and UK homes [INFOGRAPHIC] How to stop someone from bleeding to death (May is National Stop the Bleed Month) Types of AI: From Reactive to Self-Aware [INFOGRAPHIC] Quick conversions to help you measure 100 Star Wars vehicles from the films, TV shows, and video games. Awesome illustrations! Simple guide to sewing a button Instagrammers in the Louvre, tracked by geo data [OC] Back Pain Exercises Cloud types Ketchup Modification Recipes—Visualized What if every day, 1% of humans turned into turkeys and 1% of turkeys turned into humans [OC] 5 Office Layouts for BPO Workspaces An American life, visualized... Google searches for the word A look at different lightsabers in Star Wars. Elements and their origin 4 Years of High School Track [OC] What REALLY Happens To Your Body When You're On A Bike (Infographic) Rhetological Fallacies Comparison between the London Tube map and its real geography [OC] How to Spot Cryptocurrency Scams How Often You Should Clean Everything How to Cook Everything.... a guide to road trips in USA What Could You Buy With a Nickel? Comparing the value of small change through the last century Crossing Piranha-infested water 28 countries, 28 dishes Logo Evolution of Famous Brands World Mercator map projection with true country size and shape added [OC] English is weird Most Used Shortcut Keys in Microsoft Excel English Vs Chinese How to make a squirrel stuffed animal out of a glove. Types of wood Who's In A Name?: Top 10 Unisex Names by Year & Gender-slant [OC] Childhood Grief and Trauma Where we donate vs. diseases that kill us Ancient Gods - Handy guide The roads of Great Britain coloured according to the first number in their names [OC] Generations at a Glance What counts as one of your five a day? An introvert's guide to office parties A quick guide to the Gods of Norse Mythology! A Guide To Logical Fallacies Trader Joe's Food Analysis. Calorie and Protein Cost Efficiency [OC] 52 types of wood and their origin trees. Building a home and had to decide between geothermal or propane. Geothermal is cheaper after year 12. [OC] A guide to languages and how they related to others Years ago I wrote a Java application which How to email well A Complete Guide To Photography (For Beginners) 2016 Presidential Candidates’ Tax Proposal Guide How much an artist must sell to earn minimum wage @$1160-month 100 words you could use instead of MCU Character Timeline Ellen Pao's comment karma visualized [OC] The Meaning of Brand Names Lenguage families Types of Swastikas Heart rate during conference presentation [OC] The Metal Composition of American Coins since 1783 The Speed Of Cliché How to tie shoes Sugar vs Fat How not to behave in 15 countries Supporting characters on The Simpsons who have spoken the most words in the show's history [OC] The Social Media Usage and Habits of Each Generation Car companies and their Brands The City of anarchy (Cutaway of the Kowloon Walled City the most inhabitant city per square kilometer in history). How to Survive a Lightning Strike A guide to help diagnose a heat casualty. Combined faces of the UK Members of Parliament [OC] 25 Notable Cryptocurrencies [OC] How dogs came from wolves (sorry for tiny font) The best selling books on Amazon by year since 1995 Illustration of how razor thin supermarket profit margins are in the UK using Tesco Annual Financial Report. [OC] from Instagram @chartrdaily. Detention center types The millennium falcon The frequency of every final score that has occurred in the NBA [OC] Carbon emissions from the California fires have spread across the West Coast [OC] Open Source 3D r-Place VR Visualizer [OC] Searches for 36 Animals That Became Extinct Due to Human Activity Fiber internet adoption rates graham's hierarchy of disagreement The Average Faces of Rap, Rock, and Country Musicians [OC] How to negotiate with people around the world (wider shapes showing greater conversational range, obstacles marked in gray) 6 media giants who own the US networks A guide to US Army units A guide to the laundry symbols Least common digits found in Pi [OC] Morse Code Guide By Google Lifespans of Famous People over the ages Guide to Film Popularity over the Years Esperanto, the easiest language in the world Descriptive Pain Scale 'The Office' Characters' Most Distinguishing Words [OC] Which Whisky? Advertising effectiveness on Baby Boomers vs Millennials (x-post -r-advertising) The top 10 regrets of those about to die. ikigai - “a reason to live”, or the Japanese idea of having a purpose in life. The difference between Great Britain, England, and the United Kingdom (from Encyclopedia Britannica ) 007 Watches Every product that Apple has made dating back to 1976 Shadow puppets One year's worth of university house Mario Kart Wii [OC] Everything you wanted to know about napping What percentage of people are in the labor force? [OC] Scary and Disturbing Mythical Creatures from Around the World Why Your Workplace Must have a Table Tennis Table? 10 Places to See Before They’re Gone Distributions of player ranks in popular PC games The 10 Commandments of Typography After Hurricane Florence, North Carolina's rivers overflowed with water and organic material. The transfer of carbon from land to sea is visible in satellite data showing colored dissolved organic matter—or 'CDOM' [OC] Can my cat eat that? For those suffering from anxiety attacks 32 of the most bizarre deep-sea creatures discovered so far Easy Hand Lettering Political Bias of Google Search Results How To Stop Smart Devices From Listening To You! What Do Women Think About Men's Body Hair Phantom traffic jams 10000 Rubik's Cube Solves [OC] Zones Causes of death vs media coverage Customer Service Technologies in the Past, Present, and Future The most and least educated cities in the United States The State Of Freelancing Easy guide to the Scoville heat scale What you need to know before watching Avengers: Infinity war [INFOGRAPHIC] If you're off for the summer, here's a reading guide The differences between cold brew, iced coffee, hot brew, and espresso How to design a home that will make you happier Emmengard's Suicide Scale Top 10 Products Cities Need to Build a Low-Carbon Future 10 Extreme Career Changes by Celebrities Soclean Cpap Cleaner Model, Bundles, Adapters and Accessories In depth view of Kowloon City, the most densely populated place on earth [OC] The job hunt as a teacher in the US What It Takes To Get 6-Pack Abs How Google works This is what 8 months of Roulette looks like [OC] Size of the Whales of the World Prominent Serial Killers by State Identifying lights in the sky Numbers of violations and incidents of violence during Worldcup Apple is on the cusp of a $1T valuation.. which pales in comparison to some of history's giants Taxonomy of polite swearing (UK) Apples on a scale from most tart to most sweet Which Sports Have The Highest Fatality Rates? Swanson Pyramid of Greatness The Forbes Highest Paid Celebrities list visualised [OC] My 180 Days of Lesbian Online Dating [OC] Deep Inside: a study of 10000 porn stars Number of my professor's unread emails over a semester [OC] [OC] Graph of daily pageviews of Wikipedia article on Chernobyl Disaster Countries scaled by total CO2 emissions 1971 to 2014 [OC] Kick-Ass Ketchups As Johnny Depp got older - more successful, his GF's got younger [OC] Monthly USA Birth Rate 1933-2015 (more charts in comments) [OC] Team-building games that your team will love to play | Evolution at Work: Beak Adaptations of Birds Employee Burnout Symptoms The impact of smartphones on the camera industry [OC] Amount of water pumped out of the Thai cave Where and when rivers flooded from Hurricane Irma; USGS [OC] Neurochemicals and what they do Screw types and related parts Apple chart from Tart to Sweet Answers to 8 of the toughest interview questions Guide to Traditional Sailor Tattoos Denny’s guide to Egg-cellence! Decrease in Shanghai air pollution over the past five years [OC] MythBusters 21 best water-based myths demonstrating an infographic using legos A Century of Visits to U.S. National Parks [OC] 10 Rules of Good Backpack Ergonomics Illustrated (Just in Time for School) Which Sci-Fi Movie Should I Watch? Drink guide found in a coffee shop Presidential Physiques of the Modern Age (found in -r-AskReddit) When each social media platform was generating its maximum buzz on Google. [OC] I just finished paying off my student loan! 📉💸🎉 [OC] Companies That Hired the Most in 2017 (and what to expect next) How To Draw Boobies Perfume strength guide Insignia of the US Army guide Top 10 Selling Video Games Of All Time On All Platforms US prison population Choosing a programming language to learn How to unclog toilet like a plumber How powerful is your passport? Carbon Dioxide Emissions by country. [OC] A helpful guide for a better understanding of autism 30 most edited regular Wikipedia pages [OC] How to Break Down a Door South Park How to Come Up With A Good Marketing Plan Home Theater Speaker Placement Guide (Rev 01) Stretching exercises for the whole body See what color means and how big brands use it The Search for MH370 Cost $200m. Here's What We Could Have Spent That Money On. Where your car is most likely to get stolen in the United States. The Seven Wonders of the Solar System. How to view your CCTV cameras online remotely? US deaths by terrorism vs. deaths by suicide How To Hang Your Dress Pants [OC] r-Scotch needs to stop rating everything 86-100 Gen Z stats What my gross income of 60000€-year is actually used on in Europe, Austria [OC] 20 Tallest Things in the World, with Weird Things for Scale Map of the traffic that came to my server after my post hit the front page [OC] The NASA Guide to air filtering houseplants The poorest countries in Africa could chart a new course by investing in their young people. The 100 Most Popular Google Keywords Army hand signals How to open a new book NASA’s guide to the best air-filtering plants to have in your home Which Shakespeare Play Should I See? This is what 3 weeks of Gambling looks like. [OC] 24 English words that all trace back, through Latin, French & Porto-Germanic, to the same original word spoken in the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) language c6000 yrs ago Here is an infographic that gives you a wakeup call and highlights seven reasons why millennial marketing should be on your radar. Asset 50 wise and inspirational quotes from fictional parents and guardians. Most common educational attainment level among 30–34-year-olds in Europe [OC] Using candy as a reference, perfect! How to look and sound more confident Death of the Titanic Life expectancy in the United States (by state) Infographic: The history of bourbon for National Bourbon Heritage Month 30 Years of the Music Industry, Visualised. [OC] How to Solve a Rubik's Cube 52 Myths Guide for cooking conversions Language tree 20 cognitive biases that affect your decisions The compendium of alcohol ingredients and processes around the world All these Arabic words mean CO₂ in my Son's Bedroom at Night. The difference between Prawns and Shrimp. Making Chinese sauces body by...nerve endings, insurance value, calories used, google hits The evolution of the latin alphabet Activity at each pixel of r-Place [Fixed] [OC] Remember this when walking your pets The Cousin Explainer Indoor plants that purify the air from 6 common household toxins Sailors tattoo meanings Coloring San Francisco's streets by suffix [OC] r-place but the pixels were placed with low opacity such that the most fought over pixels are darker [OC] Relations: Visual representation of the connections between a network of friends [OC] Stir-Fry Cheat Sheet Top 10 downvoted comments, adjusted for EA [OC] Reddit markdown codes How to decide faster. I made a map of all the U.S. waterbodies using R [OC] Skirt Length Guide User Journey map: a data-driven persona narrative for UX design Heat Exhaustion vs Heat Stroke. Be safe. Blood Types Presidential Approval Ratings Since Kenney [OC] How to Climb a Rope The Burger King Pandemic [OC] My first infographic -- I couldn't find any information about the logistics of touring as an indie band, so I tried to put everything we learned - experienced into one chart. Average female faces by region. Tire tread guide. (X post from r-youshouldknow 24 Ways to Cut Costs Without Cutting Corners in Your Restaurant [INFOGRAPHIC] The different colours of blood in nature Who owns who? The most prolific serial killer in every US state The Largest Metro Systems in the World The proper way to escape a sinking car Conventional military warfare in a flow chart (x-post -r-MilitaryStrategy) A visual history of every manned Apollo flight to the Moon. Impress your friends with Shadow Puppets Federal Land Ownership % by US State [OC] The amount of stockpiled cheese the US has compared to the Capitol building What questions were people asking the most on Google in 2016 Mega Millions is over $1B! However...[OC] DIY Spice Blends Different Types Of SQL Joins A guide to puppers, doggos and woofers. (x-post -r-rarepuppers) Charted: Extraterrestrial Driving Records Turns out AB+ isn't always all that selfish Maintaining Good Posture Let's hear it for the lurkers! The vast majority of Reddit users don't post or comment. [OC] The Earth top to bottom [X-post from -r-Charts] Caffeine High: More and More Products Contain Large Doses What Time Does America Go to Bed? [OC] Onr page calendar 2019 How to avoid using Doggie Language Where should you pee? How 52 ninth-graders spell 'camouflage', Sankey diagram [OC] The 10 commandments of logic Average Monthly Rent Comparison - 540 Cities - Expanded [OC] The Non-Cliche list of Social Media Marketing Trends for 2019 Scale of the Panama Papers data leak as compared to Wikileaks Cablegate, Offshore Leaks, Lux Leaks, and Swiss Leaks Dudhsagar waterfall tour by tripraja India Average flags of the world #2: mean and mode flags weighted by population and area [OC] What Are the Top Mobile and Web App Development Languages U.S. Cities ranked by the frequency of Registered Sex Offenders How to build a Da Vinci bridge International Phonetic Alphabet in English by Tyler Neyens How to tie your shoes to avoid common issues Tree of Life (Not OC) Global economic power is shifting The Top 50 Girls' Names in the USA 1880-2018 [OC] The Beatles' hairstyles by year (xpost from -r-Beatles) Chart to describe how you're feeling more precisely Lakes, rivers and streams in Finland (revised) [OC] [OC] What the 50 minute daily average Facebook use adds up to over a year, over a lifetime, and how else you could (maybe) spend that time. [x-post -r-DataArt] Fourier transform of a square wave visualised [OC] [OC] I proved Elastigirl is more thicc in Incredibles 2 Tinder as a male in a college town [OC] [19M] How to Choose Color Combination for Website Designing? The Hardest Languages to Learn Behold the World’s Most Famous Eyewear 11 different brands of AA batteries, tested in identical flashlights. [OC] Most rated TV programs in different countries 2018 Proportions of US Household Sizes 1960 - 2017 [OC] Map of MLB “fandom” across the US The science of baking! The r-place canvas where every pixel's color is the average of all colors placed at that location [OC] How to vote in Australia The Illusion of Choice: 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America Land guides 5 Essential Phases of the Project Management Cycle Map: Most Popular Female Names by State All the countries that have (genuinely) been invaded by Britain [OC] Illustrating the supply chain dependence on trucks The Most Common Hues in National Geographic [OC] 10 ways to tie a scarf A fascinating framework for thinking about the world My Shower Temperature per Angle of the Handle [OC] Free or low-cost alternatives to expensive and popular programs Average Cost of a Weeklong Holiday, in Selected Cities [OC] Where my monthly paycheck goes - Japan (countryside) [OC] Where to begin with Hip-Hop How Elon Musk built his empire Airport tips A Venn Diagram of North American Sports Cities [OC] How to grow a bunch of lumpy bois How to Transform a Boring Office into a Flexible Workspace Global warming at different latitudes. X axis is range of temperatures compared to 1961-1990 between years shown at that latitude [OC] Marketshare of Android versions vs iOS versions [OC] 27 Protein Shake Recipes to Rock Your Routine How Amazon makes its money Last month you gave me helpful feedback on my alchemy-themed drink's the result. (store link in comments) What if everybody lived as densely as they do in Mumbai? [OC] Mobile App Development Company The world's languages. Mythical Creatures From Around The World Choosing a proper seasoning Commonly Neglected Parts Of The Home - and how often you should clean them! [OC] Just finished my first semester of medical school, I kept track of my study hours and exam scores. One year of walking as tracked by my iPhone [OC] Who Profits from US Anti-Migrant Policy? What's Good and Bad for Your Dog How Green is Your State? [OC] Infograhic:There’s Big Money to Be Made in Asteroid Mining How long different items of trash take to decompose Stay on target. Number of paid music streaming subscribers worldwide [OC] Monte Carlo simulation of e [OC] 20 overlooked and unusual tax deductions you may be eligible for Washington DC=Amsterdam Heatmap of NYTimes Crossword grids by day of week [OC] 12 classic sauces and how to make them Sativa or Indica? Every official vehicle of the President of the United States 2017 Bitcoin value versus Google search interest [OC] [53M] Just Deleted Tinder, These Are My Stats [OC] One year of taxi trips in Porto, Portugal [OC] The search for a software engineering role without a degree. [OC] Windows 10 shortcuts Cornell Notemaking Method For 18 months i have been asking Redditors to PM why they downvoted me. These are their responses [OC] How to solve a Rubik's cube Beef Made Easy: Retail Cuts and Cooking Methods The 10 Most Expensive Engineering Projects Ever Attempted 25 most common stains and how to treat them Neil Armstrong’s Infographic Resume: The Man so Introverted He Flew to the Moon to Get Away Photoshop Tools Panel Overview Drawing and Type Tools The Movement of the North Magnetic pole since 1900. Nintendo's 130th anniversary [OC] 30 World Famous NOODLE Dishes from around the world How Uber & Lyft Crushed the New York Yellow Cab [OC]. How to become a Google's power user. Your Chances of Dying Free kick conversion rates by location taken [OC] Percentage of USA hispanic populations holding college degrees [OC] The economics of a typical cup of coffee [OC] What Happens On The Internet In 60 Seconds In the 15th century the literacy rate in Italy was 15%, one of the highest in Western Europe. By the 18th century it had increased to just 23%, one of the lowest [OC] The International System of Units card. Know the traditional sushi in Japan The Superheroes Who Protect NYC Design Thinking - Key Steps 10 Red Flags That Warn You Not To Accept That Job Offer Global Income vs. Consumption Emissions Simulation of green deficient colour blindness (deuteranope) for some common colour palettes [OC] July 2016 was unquestionably the hottest month in 136 years of continuous record. Here's how every month since 1880 compares [OC] The oldest trees in the world Hiking Footwear Types: Pros & Cons Halloween Candy for the Health-Conscious Visualizing the trees around my house using solar panel data and the position of the sun [OC] Peak growing seasons for fruits and vegetables. Every nuke in the world The type of data that big tech companies like Facebook and Google have on you How to recognize which animal you might have to deal with soon What your nightmares could mean. History of coffeemakers This Map Shows Every Country's Most Popular Tourist Attraction A simple infographic on Grime, a UK music genre. A map of North America showing which countries are directly across the ocean Brands: The illusion of choice Visualising Every Single Day of the US Stock Market for the Last Decade [OC]. [OC] Lemmatized word frequency analysis of the Bible, the Quram and the Vedas Travel time planner if you're traveling by horse from NYC How to make (& wrap) a burrito with 44 different recipes. Guide to various types of architecture throughout history A look at 50 traditional breakfast dishes from around the World Supranational European Bodies The World’s Richest Cartoonists [OC] Guide to what companies own what brand around the world World Gold Reserves (as of Dec 18) I made a guide explaining the letters that were dropped from the English alphabet over time Which IT Job Is the Best? Looking for blue skies for the August 21 eclipse? I analyzed 16 years of data to see where the skies are clearest [OC] How to perform CPR honoring graves on memorial day Cool human bone diagram guide Every Road in the Continental US [OC] Tooth & Law - What's Halal? What's Kosher? Common logical fallacies Percentage of Each State's Population Living in its Most Populous City [OC] Underground New York Warning signs of a heart attack SF Police open data in Google Earth (Drugs=GREEN, Prostitution=BLUE) [OC] New comparisons show the winds and rain from Hurricane Harvey drastically cooled down waters in the gulf [OC] Lionel Messi's efficiency: he runs fewer meters than any other forward in the Champions League [OC] How Reddit describes whiskeys. Based on 30k reviews from Reddit Whiskey Review Archive [OC] Bodyweight Exercises The Student's Guide To Productivity A guide to coding Names of dice rolls A guide to how shipping got faster The Easiest Language To Learn for a Native English Speaker Here's A Horrifying Picture Of What Sleep Loss Will Do To You Where is -u-RedditSilverRobot banned? [OC] Hedgehogs of the world How much people eat [NOT OC] Where Europe lives, in some 15 lines of R [OC] In America, young adults are now more likely to live with parents than spouses [OC] The Best Music Subscription: Apple Music vs Spotify The indirect path to success Gap Between Median Household Income & Income Needed To Afford Median Priced Home In Each State [OC] lassie guide Hacks to transform your Ramen into a gourmet meal Food at Shake Shack JFK is about a penny per calorie [OC] [OC] Who kissed whom in The Office (US) [OC] Areas that are more than 1km away from a road in Great Britain Every Country's Most Popular Beer Diagram of underground tunnels used by the Viet-cong in the Vietnam war. What country is across the ocean from you? [x-post -r-DataArt] The World of Seinfeld....not that there’s anything wrong with that. 147 Words to Use Instead of Very Marijuana Laws & Regulations by State in 2020 [OC] I wore a heart-rate monitor to my PhD. Comprehensive Exam to track my body's physiological responses. How much of your life the U.S. has been at WAR! Record-smashing August means long-awaited ‘jump’ in global warming is here The most (and least) convenient airlines in Amerca Guide to Barricade a Door Chart of video game controllers and handheld gaming systems How to break a door Architecture of American Homes How hot dogs are prepared around the world. How to choose the perfect game 50 Cent's first pitch in comparison... Thought y’all would appreciate this Serif vs sans-serif (X-post r-funny) What people around the world believe in Some of the names of studies. University Graduate Facial Hair Styles 1898-2008 [OC] This BART real estate map shows how costly it will be to follow your Silicon Valley startup dream We geologists have a concept called Deep Time. Here's a way to remember it. Do The Thing 23 emotions people feel, but can't exactly explain I found this very helpful [OC] Craving for some comfort food? What first comes to the minds of college students? Cities With the Worst-Maintained Roads in the United States Who's helped by raising the minimum wage? How much sugar is in common drinks How to jump start a car The Sixteen Most Deadly Animals In America The Evolutionary Tree of Religion The 25 Highest-Grossing Media Franchises ever Which side of the road should you drive on in each country? How to tell your colleagues they have a bad idea The History of Digital Storage Hi, I'm PM_ME_YOUR_FAV_COLOR. You may remember me from that crappy pie chart of 100 or so favorite colors I posted about a year ago. I figure it's about time you all deserve an update. Here are thousands of Reddit users' favorite colors. [OC] Names and Locations of the Top 100 Corporate Executives Polluting the Planet How to Be a Great Sales Professional in Today's Market Endless Summering: Journeys of the World's Billionaire Yacht Club in 2017 [OC] Map reveals minimum hourly income needed to afford the average 2-bedroom home in every state Best Countries For Democracies (according to the sources of the WEF*) Great Britain, United Kingdom, and British Isles: a terminology guide for Americans Every bomb dropped by Allied forces during WWII [OC] How to make the perfect salad! 🥑🥗 American Hotel Companies 23 emotions people feel but can't explain Top Locations of diploma mills in U.S Some organizations of Europe How inbred are Europe's monarchs? [OC] Gay Marriage Laws by State [OC] The Chemistry of Coloured Glass A Closer Look at India's languages 33 Commonly Misunderstood Words & Phrases 32 endangered species, ranked in order of how many are currently left Trick or Treater Data at my house How Smartphones have killed the digital camera industry. [OC] Ash Ketchum’s Pokémon by Win Percentage NASA Guide To Air-Filtering Houseplants Minimalist Lifestyle World's nuclear arsenals Coral Bleaching as Apartment Complexes Helping your friend when they get too high Mapping Africa's Natural Resources Lego set price as a function of the number of included pieces [OC] How to insult thee. A chart for your emotions. My therapist sent me this, it's pretty cool :)